Canada won’t pay for Harry and Meghan’s security


Prince Harry and Meghan the Duchess of Sussex are no longer being provided with paid security from Canadain government. After Harry and Megan informally stepped down as royals, they escaped to Canda to be free from the British government and royal duties. The couple has been welcomed to Canada, but taxpayers are getting upset because they are paying for the family’s security. Harry and Meghan are currently considered “Internationally Protected Persons” which means they are obligated to be provided with security. This will be changing soon due to the fact Harry and Meghan formally stepping down as royals on March 31st. The Canadain police force will no longer be supplying the family with protection. Canadians believe the UK should be responsible for the entire security bill.  Luckily Harry, Meghan, and little Archie are only living in Canada for a part-time basis. The Sussex will be splitting their time between the UK and Canada, because they would still like little Archie to know his relatives and where his father grew up. Although we still don’t know what will happen with their security, the family only wants what’s best for Archie and for him to be able to be protected.