Friends Cast Reuniting for a Special Exclusive Episode


The reunion that everyone has been waiting for is finally happening, the Friends cast is reuniting after 15 years. Your favorites Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, Joey, Rachel, and Ross will all be coming back to do exclusive untitled unscripted special. The actors will be talking about the highlights of the show and reminiscing on the good times. Rumors are it should come out sometime in May, the final date hasn’t been released yet. All cast members are very excited to see their old friends and talk about the parts they once cherished. For each main cast member that takes part in the reunion, will be paid in a range of $3 million to $4 million, as demanded. The news was shared with the public when all the cast members shared a picture on Instagram of the old Rolling Stone cover back in 1995. With the exception of Matt Leblanc(Joey) who accidentally posted a picture from a slightly different tv show. Many celebrities reacted to the exciting news in an overly positive way. Reese Witherspoon responded with, “HOLY COW!!”, Selena Gomez responded with, “NO ONE TALK TO ME. IM NOT OK.”, and many others responded with a numerous amount of emojis. Sadly it will only be on HBO max, a new streaming app that needs to be paid for. But I’m sure people will illegally copy it and put it on youtube or even then just try the free 30 day trial and then cancel it, so don’t worry you’ll get to see it. Everyone will finally get to see this beloved cast all together again after 15 long years, laughing about the good times.