Two Takes on Pelosi’s Bold Actions


Claire Killian and Abby Bozek

The Pro:

As a country, we all know Nancy Pelosi’s point of view when it comes to Donald Trump. This has become very clear, especially after last year’s State of the Union. Yet this year, she went even farther than giving a petty clap to the individual who was addressing the nation. She actually ripped a copy of his speech once it was over. Though some may see this as going a step too far, what do we even classify that as in our country today? In a time where we wake up to our President having hissy-fits on Twitter about who knows what, and his inaccurate yet bold statements emerging left and right, I find myself asking what even is too much? If we were in a different age, such as eight years ago, I would think that this action was taking itself a step too far. But we are not. We have grown (somewhat for the worse) since then and therefore I stand by Pelosi’s choice to rip up her copy of the speech following its presentation. She has the right to do that, and though it may seem petty, a bold act like this is what’s needed to show real discontent in our world today. It’s not that she had to “one-up herself” from last year, but so much has happened since then that to a degree it is necessary to take drastic public stunts such as this in order for individuals to understand the malcontent that the Democratic party is in over the course of the presidency of Donald Trump. Pelosi (and the majority of the Democratic Party) is coming for Trump’s presidency, as well as the pre-written speech that he didn’t write.  

– Abby Bozek

The Con:

Nancy Pelosi has already established herself as a force to be reckoned with. Whether it was last year’s infamous clap, or literally standing up to Trump in a meeting, we already know she’s not one to take his crap. Even though she has been shady time and time again, it has always been in a more subtle way, not exactly tasteful but yet still a more sarcastic, refined mockery of the President. So this latest statement, ripping up Trump’s speech at the State of the Union, just seemed, not exactly trashy, but a little dicey, bordering on petty. Regardless of your political leanings, it’s pretty unanimous that the last few years of politics have been wacky. In the midst of impeachment proceedings, it seems as if there is no standard, no normalcy in politics. It has fallen on the Democrats to preserve the sanctity of government, to prove that elected officials should act with some degree of decorum. Naturally, they have fallen short in some aspects, but ripping Trump’s speech seemed to go one step too far. The Democrats need to hold themselves to a higher standard, they need to stay above his level, so that when all is said and done they can point to their behavior and identifiably mark the difference between them and Trump. Yes, her handshake was snubbed by him, yes, he has belittled and berated her all over the internet, but there is a certain expectation that she is above all of that. Once the Democrats start playing his game, allowing themselves to be caught up in the madness that erodes the respectability of our government, they have begun to lose.

– Claire Killian


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