My Hate For Caucuses Has Grown


Abby Bozek

The first caucus of the season occurred yesterday in Iowa. I lived through the day excited, waiting to hear who emerged victoriously. I already disliked caucuses but accepted that they work, and the people who participate in them are weirdly proud of it (so I wasn’t going to mess with to too much). I came back from ballet, saw the news which was just individuals participating in the caucus (ew), lived through my night and slept. But then I wake up to see that there is no individual winner because there was a flaw in counting due to the caucus?!?!?!? 


Come on guys, you have to be kidding me. The reason why we don’t have one winner from last night, and why there were two to three inconsistencies are not due to any staff members or a technological system. It’s because of the fact that they use a caucus!!!!! WHY DO THEY STILL DO THIS?!?!?!?!? Caucuses will forever anger me, to the point where I can get into an argument with myself around people who don’t even know what a caucus is. And this will surely happen more often now that there has been real, prominent issues that have occurred BECAUSE OF the fact that some states still decide to use the archaic method of a caucus. 


Like  c o m e  o n please just switch over to a regular primary. You don’t need to stick to this weird cave-man esc system out of a feeling of obligation, or because it’s what you have always done so you should just keep doing it. Please please please I beg of you, any Iowan officials that for some reason are on our school website and are reading this article PLEASE CHANGE YOUR SYSTEM. PLEASE. It will be easier for you, easier for your people, and better on all accounts. Nobody wants to go in a room, divide, get 15%, divide, get delegates, and go on forever. Just cast a ballot. P l e a s e. 


My hate for caucuses has grown, my desperation to end them has gone off the charts, and I would beg of any Iowan official to please just stop it. You’ve seen that it doesn’t work. Clearly, there are flaws that just shouldn’t happen. There shouldn’t be three to four winners. Just please stop.