Opinion: Kim&Kanye’s House is Unlivable


Kardashian-West "playroom"

Ella Brady, Editor

A few days ago, Architectural Digest posted an article showcasing Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Los Angeles mansion.  Photos of their home have been leaked before and hence been heavily criticized for their minimalist, out-of-the-box style.  One of these photos includes their bathroom sink, which is basically just a large rectangle structure that just sits in the middle of the room, completely detached from the wall.  The sink exploded on social media, leaving people confused and concerned as to how they ever washed their hands.

Kim&Kanye’s basin-less sink

Now, we have full insight into the entire house, which makes the sink look pretty normal.  When scrolling through the pictures of the inside of their home, to me, it looked a lot more like an art museum than a family home.  I guess this would make sense with their exuberant wealth, but there was also one detail that really rubbed me the wrong way.  The entire house is white.  There is seriously not one color in the entire house except for the plants that peek in through the windows.  The only colorful shot of the house we get is the pool, which Kim *shockingly* goes on to say in the interview she’s never even used.

For those that don’t keep up with the Kardashians, Kim & Kanye have four children, all 6 years old or younger.  As the oldest of 4 children, I speak from personal experience when I say there is no chance their kids actually live in that house.  Four times the kids equals four times the mess.

Out of the dozen or so pictures that were featured in the article, there was one that particularly struck me.

Kardashian-West “playroom”










In a room with an all-white sculpture by a very famous artist, their whole family was pictured posing&playing on top of the sculpture (all wearing white), as if it was some sort of playroom for the kids.

I have, just so many questions.  What happens when your 2-year-old daughter inevitably spills the chocolate milk she had with lunch?  Or when one of them starts drawing on the walls, or your “sculpture” you probably paid tens of thousands of dollars for is ruined.  Do you just buy a new one?  Flip it over?

The fact that they displayed these rooms as great places for their family to spend time is completely ludicrous.  Either their children or robots or there’s a secret house for the kids they didn’t show.  Where’s the secret house, Kim?

Check out more photos of the house here: