Insane Locust Swarms Attack Crops in East Africa

February 3, 2020

Africa is currently having the biggest swarm of Locusts. More than a hundred million are invading Kenya, which is the worst it’s hit in 70 years. Locusts are a type of grasshopper with very strong flight power. This infestation has been so hard to get rid of, that they had police try some tear gas to get rid of them.  Farmers are complaining that they are eating their crops and have to go outside banging pots and pans, like crazy people to keep them away. These insects have taken over 172,973 acres of land in Kenya. One swarm can be as big as 250 football fields and a small one can eat enough for 35,000 people. In a country where more than 10 million people already face food insecurity and now have to deal with a little insect’s eating all their crops. People are going to start to starve. According to experts, the swarm is being caused by extreme weather conditions that started in 2019, which began with drought and ended with intense rainfall. 


These Locusts are causing many problems for the people of East Africa and the photos that were taken are insane. These photos look like it’s something that was taken at an end of the world movie. One would think this fake but it’s 100% real. In some aspects, the photos look really amazing and beautiful in a way, but that is quickly ruined. It becomes gross the more you think about as time goes on. All of them stop flying at one point and stay on the ground, so then you just see a bunch of bugs on the floor crawling at your feet. They are also bugs and one is bound to feel like there is something crawling on you. So, yes it crazy to look at,but it’s still a really big problem that needs lots of attention and if we don’t do anything to stop it, people are gonna starve.

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