My Top 10 Favorite Commentary Youtubers

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My Top 10 Favorite Commentary Youtubers

Jillian Breen

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Commentary Youtubers have absolutely blown up within the past few years. Now, so many different types of people are making a variety of content and I am all for it. Ranging from more serious political videos to the usual funny and lighthearted content, this list has it all. So, here you go folks, these are my recommended commentary Youtubers that I highly recommend you go and watch.  

#1 ContraPoints

ContraPoints, also known as Natalie Wynn, is probably my favorite on this entire list. She makes incredibly intricate and in depth videos about varying topics like gender, politics, and philosophy. She is honestly one of the biggest voices of reason on Youtube due to her lack of bias and really doing her research. She typically makes videos around 45 minutes to an hour long so make sure to grab a snack or two when sitting down to watch Natalie.

#2 Tiffany Ferg

Tiffany Ferg is most well known for her ‘Internet Analysis’ videos where she delves into all kinds of internet related topics and trends. Some examples of this are her videos on Twitter philanthropy, the dark side of flex culture, and the ethics of ‘spilling tea’. Her videos are typically around 30 minutes in length but still incredibly well researched. Usually, it’s just Tiffany sitting in front of her bed just talking to her camera so it feels as though you’re having a conversation with her, unlike ContraPoints’ very extravagant video designs.

#3 D’Angelo Wallace

D’Angelo Wallace creates 10 minute commentary videos about various topics like VSCO girls, tik toks, and motivational Instagram pages. He is more on the funny side making light hearted videos about these trending topics. He is a good youtuber to watch when you’re not feeling the super in depth and lengthy commentary videos and just want a good laugh.

#4 The Right Opinion

One of my main favorites here, The Right Opinion (TRO) is a British video essayist creating around hour long videos about youtube drama. However, he is no Keemstar. His videos take an entire internet scandal and dissects it to look at the reasons behind why people act the way they do online. He has covered many popular scandals including the Tati v James Charles scandal, the fall of Emma Chamberlain, and the Ace Family.

#5 Casey Aonso

I would say Casey Aonso and D’Angelo Wallace create quite similar videos. Casey typically makes 15 to 20 minute long videos about trending internet topics including the hype house, clout culture, and failed Youtubers. She is incredibly funny and is one of those Youtubers you can just have a quality chuckle with.

#6 Linsay Ellis

Lindsay Ellis creates normally 30 minute videos about film and TV. Specifically, she has made many videos dissecting Disney content and all of her problems with the new Disney movies. She is very well spoken and also throws some jokes in her videos.

#7 Kurtis Conner

Kurtis Conner is personally my favorite commentator out of the four horsemen (Kurtis, Danny, Drew, and Cody). He is a friendly, heavily tattooed Canadian boy with curly hair. He is a pro at making puns and dabbles in stand-up. His videos consist of of the typical ‘commentary’ topics like bad movies, tik tok, and Instagram comedy. Not going to lie, but I would take a bullet for this man.

#8 Danny Gonzalez

Although it is arguable that Danny Gonzalez and Drew Gooden are the same person, he is in fact his own entity. Danny and Drew do typically make videos on the same topics but they each add their own spin to it. Danny normally makes very creative songs to add to his videos which are hilarious, mainly his recent rendition of Justin Bieber’s ‘Yummy’ after making a video about Bieber’s scandal with cheating his way to the top of the Billboard charts. 

#9 Drew Gooden

After his fame on vine, Drew Gooden quickly adapted to making longer content on Youtube and eventually skyrocketed. He can sometimes make very niche videos about the weirdest of topics like my personal favorite “Catching Up With The Olsen Twins”. He also dabbles in longer, more analytic videos like when he compared the humor from ‘The Office’ to the sitcom ‘Friends’. Incredibly funny and lighthearted, and of course we all miss his vine days.

#10 Cody & Noel

Cody Ko and Noel Miller are arguable the two who brought commentary videos into the limelight. With their quick wit and amazing ability to keep building jokes off of each other, these two are undoubtedly the funniest on this list in my humble opinion. Their series titled ‘THAT’S CRINGE’ features many odd videos that Cody and Noel just rip to shreds with their humor. I would be incredibly surprised if you have never heard of these two but just in case you haven’t, you need to give them a watch. On a side note, Noel recently branched out into short films, releasing his own titled ‘Suki’. Not commentary related, but still a great watch.