Dear Incoming Freshman, A Few Words of Advice

Dear Incoming Freshman, A Few Words of Advice

Abby Bozek

For some, the shift from Middle School to High School can be scary. You enter a new half of the school, new lockers, a new gym, a new divide in classes, and an entirely new science building. It can be overwhelming but in actuality, all of those scary things are really good things, and among those, you don’t have to go to the MPR anymore and you get to carry your backpack. Yet among all of this change, incoming students find it all still scary. A scary new transition into a scary new school. 


All in all, high school is exponentially better than middle school and not scary at all (well, until you’re picking your junior year classes, ah!). You get to carry your backpacks around! No more going to lockers in between periods to change out books as it is all in your bag. A little word of advice, don’t keep any books/folders that you use in classes during the day in your locker. It’s a hassle to go from class to class and pick up books that can easily be placed in your backpack. The majority of high schoolers do not use their lockers, and if they do, it’s for coats and textbooks at the beginning and end of the year. Still, go and pick up your lock at the beginning of the year though, as it is yours for the next four years. 


Also, enjoy your freshman year! Trust me, you’ll miss it later on. Freshman year is fun, and to be honest your easiest year in high school so enjoy it while it lasts! You meet so many great friends in freshman year (due to the new divide in classes and lunch), the majority of the people I love now I met last year. I can personally say that I met Claire Killian (who I’m sitting next to while writing this) when we had lunch and Global History together. Global with Claire had to be one of my favorite things about Freshman year, as we always had something nerdy to laugh about. Now going into Sophmore year, we still have a history together along with lunch and Web Journalism, and she has grown to be such a great and close friend. So don’t be shy to get out there and make new friends! You never know which ones will stick and will make your high school experience so much better! 


Also, join clubs as you never know which clubs will peak your interests. Before freshman year I was lost in what I liked on a big picture point of view. Starting high school and experiencing different clubs (such as Civics Club) I found my deep interest in politics and law. With these new interests you may find, you can enjoy your summers delving into it. There are countless programs throughout various colleges that will allow you to expand upon what you find fascinating. 


Remember, high school isn’t scary. And enjoy your freshman year!