Taylor Swift: Miss Americana

Critics and Fans Opinions


Allyson Hernandez

Miss Americana the documentary on American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift is set to release January 31st, but people at the Sundance Festival have already gotten a sneak peek. Miss Americana’s inside look really shows how many people do forget that any celebrity is still a person and needs privacy in there lives. In the documentary, Swift opens up about having an eating disorder and comes to the realization that “it’s better to look fat then sick”. She addresses what it’s like being on the cover of magazines and photographers commenting on her body. Along with opening up about her disorder, she starts to say how she always wanted to be a “good girl” all the time, that’s why she became the person people wanted. Swift only wanted to please her fans but now she wants to break free and she started doing that when she came out with the whole Reputation album. And with that, she also broke out of the political closet and is now embracing the fact that she is a supporter of the Democratic nominee for Senate in Tennessee. This is very difficult because Tennessee is more on the Republican side of things. In the documentary, Taylor also talks about boyfriend Joe Alwyn but there is very little of him and he only makes one appearance. As for their relationship, it is more private than any others she’s had and it is valued more than anything to Swift. 

Critics and fans who saw the sneak peek at the Sundance Festival had a lot to say. Some of them were upset that Swift didn’t show Joe enough and she was still very closed off, no matter how much she did actually open up. There are also people who say the documentary seemed kind of scripted and not raw or real. Then there are the people who say this made them appreciate her more. A few fans speak about her being relatable in a way without fame. One person even said it felt personal, vulnerable, and deeply authentic. Most people who have seen the preview are commenting on Lana Wilison and her team for making the documentary, then Swift herself. I personally don’t like Taylor Swift that much, but according to a numerous amount of fans, that after watching this I will be along with many others.