We Need to Talk About the Portal

We Need to Talk About the Portal

Abby Bozek

Parent Portal. The student’s favorite app. Yet during the school day, it is shut down to students. We cannot see our current grades, only previous quarters. What we’ve been told about this is that it is to not distract students during the day, especially if they’re checking grades of a class when they are in a completely different one. As well as this, this is so that students aren’t stressed about their grades during the school day. Despite its good intentions, individuals are left with more stress, and as well as this the inconvenience of not knowing whether or not you have to go to x-period due to a certain grade until a day or two later. So why do this? 


Last year the portal was kept open, and I can say that, as a student, this was the proper thing to do. I could take a test sixth period, and get the grade eighth period (this specific teacher was an abnormally fast grader). No stress, and if you didn’t understand your grade you could go to x-period that day to go over it before a new unit was introduced. Now, you take a test and get it back a day or two later (it’s dependent on how fast the teacher grades). By the time you get the grade back, a new unit has started and the information which you failed to recollect on the test is no longer relevant or is needed for the unit which you are on. If you do not retain the information and understand it on the test and it is needed for the next unit, how are you expected to succeed when you have not been able to go over that specific information? 


As well as this, it may actually cause more stress to close the portal down during the day. Recently I have gotten a notification on my phone during my first-period class that my English grade dropped a point. When I opened my phone to see the reason for this change in grade, it was closed. For the rest of the day, I was left with stress as I pondered why my grade dropped and I had no answer. By the time I saw what dropped it (a Macbeth plot synopsis quiz), we were already watching the movie of Macbeth and going over it would do me no good (as the information on that quiz was needed to understand the movie, and it would be embarrassing to go days after starting the movie). 


For the benefit of the teacher, student, and the mental health of the student the portal should be reopened.