My Thoughts on The Bachelor

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Bad entertainment, is not a phrase that will be used with this season of The Bachelor. So far there has already been so much drama between the girls at the house and honestly IT. IS. MADNESS. There have already been countless meme moments in the first four episodes and right now its just chaos. The girls are at each others throats fighting for Peter’s heart and love. Its been back stabbing, betrayals, and champagne stealing that has everyone up in arms about what is going on. Some women have emerged as clear front runners and others have fallen victim to lies and drama causing them to not receive a rose.  In the most recent episode of the show that does not fail to surprise me, Alayah who didn’t receive a rose in the previous episode came back to talk to Peter and was invited back into the house.  This of course sent of a live bombshell right in the middle of all the girls and cranked the Drama meter up to about 9/10 which was extremely funny to watch.  Moving on from all the theatrics attached  to the show lets get into my top picks for who I think Peter should end up with at the end of the show.  Honestly I only have 2 picks for who should win the show, because most of these girls are just to crazy to marry.  My number two pick has got to be Savannah, the only reason Savannah sits in the number 2 spot is simply because we haven’t seen enough of her.  None the less I’m very excited to see her progress in the show and learn more about her.  But the moment you have all been waiting for, my top pick for who I believe should end up with Peter at the end of the show is Madison.  She seems like the most genuine woman on