What to Watch When You’re In Between Shows

For when you think you've already seen everything there is to watch.


Penn Badgley stars in Netflix hit You; Photo from The Atlantic.

It’s January, which means that lots of great stuff is happening on TV right now, particularly on Netflix. We’ve compiled this list of shows to give you something to watch for when you’re not ready to commit to another 8-season drama.

YOU: A Netflix original released in September of 2018, You instantly became a massive hit. Starring Penn Badgley (Dan from Gossip Girl) the series showcases him as a creepy stalker who takes the word “love” to an extreme level. In Season 1, Badgley, playing Joe Goldberg, finds himself deeply infatuated with a woman named Beck, taking it upon himself to learn everything about her life and decide who her friends should be before even developing a relationship with her. The show originally came out with one season and has already released a second (with clues for a third).

Queer Eye: Another Netflix original, with four seasons released already along with a spin-off show called Queer Eye: We’re in Japan! The series features a team of gay professionals in the fields of fashion, personal grooming, interior design, entertaining, and culture, collectively known as the “Fab Five.” On each episode they spend a week helping someone, typically a straight male living in the South, and give them a drastic life makeover. The participants are all nominated by  friends or family members and hold a grand reveal of their new-and-improved selves at the end of the week to those same people. The show is definitely a feel-good one, and never fails to provide plenty of entertainment and laughs as well.

The stars of Queer Eye; photo from Netflix.

Black Mirror: This is more like a series of short films, each about one hour-long (or more) with a different storyline. Most of the episodes play into how dangerous technology can become, and what could potentially happen if we lose control of it. Episodes can feel very eerie and unsettling to watch, but if that type of thing interests you, the show is very well-made and is definitely worth a watch.

Don’t F*** With Cats: This is a Netflix limited series about the true story of an Internet cat-killer. When a mysterious person posts a video of himself killing kittens, a Facebook group forms to find this person and give him the justice he deserves. However, things begin to escalate as the killer posts more videos with clues as to where he might be. What kind of person would do this? This series is shocking, full of plot twists, and, at just 3 hours long, it’s great for when you’re in between shows.

The Politician: Have you ever met someone who knew exactly what they were meant to be? This show follows the story of the fictional character Payton Hobart and his quest to become the President of the United States. His obsession with becoming President puts him on a one-way track to success. Step one: win the election for student body president. This show is unique, interesting, and full of unexpected twists and turns.

The Society: This show is like the plot of Lord of the Flies meets a high-school drama. After a strange smell spreads throughout West Ham, Connecticut, weird things start to happen. When a group of kids from the local high school return from a field trip gone wrong, they find that everyone in their town has disappeared, they can’t reach their families, and they’re surrounded by forest with no signs of civilization for miles. This show explores what happens when teenagers have to make the rules for themselves, and a second season is underway.

Cheer: This six-episode documentary follows the 13-time national champion coed competitive cheer team at Navarro College. Navarro is a junior college located in Corsicana, Texas, and attracts people from all over the country to try out for their team. While following the team through their intense and dramatic quest for another national title, the show also focuses on a few individuals who’ve come from particularly challenging backgrounds, and all they’ve done to get to where they are. It spotlights the unknown side of competitive cheerleading, filled with countless injuries, hard work, and of course, drama. This show is really eye-opening to anyone who doesn’t know much about the sport, and I would highly recommend watching.

Cheer follows the nationally ranked Navarro College Cheer team; photo from Evening Standard.

The Circle: The Circle is a reality show that follows contestants as they try to become the most popular social media influencer. Each player in “the circle” lives in his or her own apartment and can only communicate with the other contestants through a social media platform created for the show. Whether each contestant makes it to the next round depends on their popularity with the other contestants. If the idea of Survivor meets social media sounds appealing, then this is the show for you.