The XFL…Will it Succeed?


Chris Urban, Editor

We all saw what happened to the Alliance of American Football (AAF), so will the same happen with the XFL?

Starting on February 8th, the weekend after the Super Bowl, the XFL has been grooming to start itself for years. The league was first announced almost exactly two years ago to date and has the TV partners of ABC, ESPN, and FOX. Founded by Vince McMahon, the XFL is a much more legitimate football league then the AAF ever was. McMahon preached “Fans Above All” and that the XFL would listen to experts in many fields regarding starting the league up and marketing it to the country.

The XFL is “professional football re-imagined” and McMahon is right. Official rules for the new league were posted to YouTube about a week ago and it will certainly be entertaining to see how it affects a game. Like the AAF, it will be interesting to see NFL “rejects” or players that couldn’t make it play their hardest to try to receive NFL attention. In terms of ratings, the league is smart starting right after the NFL season so starved football fans can just turn on their TVs to the XFL.

My prediction is that the league will gain popularity quickly, and will exceed the AAF ‘s longevity by a mile. It will certainly be entertaining to see what happens with another new professional football league.