Take Aways From Last Nights Debate from the POV of a Teen


Abby Bozek

With one more debate left before the first caucus, viewers tuned in last night to the democratic debate to hear exactly what they’ve heard before from all of the candidates. As many adults tune into the debate they hear of wars that they were present for being talked about, as well as issues that they have seen in their daily life. Yet as a teen, many of these wars we were not alive for and these issues not present in our eyes. Here, I’ll pull out some of the key points I saw last night from the point of view of our worlds generations which will one day take over. 


First of all, I’ll try not to be too biased here. I already have a liking toward Pete Buttigieg, as his policies align with my ideals, and his background allows us to aspire to a better tomorrow. With that said, he had a fairly good night last night. With Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden talking about wars I (and all of my friends) were not alive for, Mayor Pete talked about the wars in our future. He talked about how things have changed since then, and that though we can learn from the past many things have evolved and we cannot dwell on what has been. Overall, this was one point that stuck out to me and stayed with me throughout the entire debate. 


Joe Biden seemed to talk about what he knew best: himself and his experiences as vice president. Though these things may appeal to individuals as this could come across as him being experienced, he didn’t seem to talk of the future as much as I hoped he would. He was responsive in a good way on issues about Iran and Iraq, which he must be credited for. Yet I want to know what he would do. What we would see him do. Not what we saw him do. 


Bernie Sanders is Bernie Sanders. A guy you have to like just for his attitude. His answers, as all other candidates, are exactly what we’ve heard from him before. He is quite likeable, even getting a laugh from the crowd at points. Despite this, he should really check his math on Medicare for All. All in all it was a pretty average night for Bernie, and there were no main takeaways from tonight that I haven’t gotten before. 


Elizabeth Warren shot back with answers and probed at debates. This we must credit her for. She was prepared, and even called out the men for losing the majority of races they participated in and noted that the females on stage have never lost an election. This line led to applause from everyone on their couches, even though she could not hear us. I believe everyone would agree that last night was a fairly good debate night for her. 


Amy Klobuchar had an overall average night. She had good points, and shot back at other candidates. Despite this, some think that she talked an awful lot about herself. From a teenagers point of view, there were no huge takeaways from her performance last night and my opinion of her has not changed.  


Tom Steyer. With the opening of the debate, I found myself asking my father who he was, and what his name was. This is practically all you need to know for his position in this race overall. He is seemingly another billionaire with no political experience, and this little fact makes me hesitant for him to be on the stage. Still he has the right to win and got the donations, but still many ask why he is even there. Another less impactful note is that he made scary eye contact with the camera. I understand that he was trying to connect with the viewer, but it came off as creepy.