UberAIR taxis

The taxi company, Uber, and the car company, Hyundai, have announced in 2018 that they will collaborate in creating helicopter taxis, known as UberAIR taxis which will travel into cities and suburban areas. The helicopters will look just like the Uber cars inside.  In January 2020, Uber and Hyundai officially announced that they plan to test their first set of electric aircraft in Dallas, Los Angeles, and in Melbourne, Australia, in 2023. The UberAIR taxis system will be used through the Uber App where customers will click on the app, arrive at the Skyport,  hop on an elevator to the nearest vertiport and an UberAIR will be waiting to take them to a destination of their choice. Uber explains, “ We want to decarbonize air travel and give people the freedom to fly from their local neighborhood directly to their destination.” Uber says that they hope to create autonomous, electric flying taxis, to make transportation easier and safer. For now, Uber explains that they are doing helicopter transportation from Manhattan to JFK airport where the cost is $205 for a one-way UberAIR trip to the airport for 55 minutes. When Uber held a conference in Washington  DC in 2019, many people argue the fact that flying cars could be dangerous, especially Elaine Chao, who is a transportation secretary. 

UberAIR skyport
UberAIR vertiport
UberAIR app
UberAIR App
Inside the UberAIR taxis
UberAIR Skyport