Course Selection Day


Jasper Nusbaum

I love course selection day. As teachers must meet with students individually, they cannot lecture. Instead, they have to either allow kids to do classwork on their own or let them do work from other classes (like a study hall.)

Now the study hall option always amuses me. Some kids will sit there and basically watch Netflix while a teacher comes around and discusses how hard working they are and that they should take a difficult class.

In terms of the classwork option, I love it. In a subject like math, it’s a “workday” in which you can just do problems and make sure you understand what’s going on (in a class with other students who you can check answers with) for a full 40 minutes. If you already understand what’s going on, then you get a period to just hang out and get work done in other classes. It’s a win-win.

In terms of selecting courses, I have no problem with how it’s done. It works for students and teachers alike. Furthermore, I love course selection day and as a senior, I’m a bit bummed I’m not spending this glorious Tuesday selecting courses and doing classwork/study halls during the majority of my classes.