Athlete’s Competing in 2020 Olympics Will Sleep on Cardboard Mattresses- For Good Reason


Jillian Breen

Tokyo has decided to make a stride towards sustainability for the 2020 Olympics, having athletes sleep on cardboard beds.

The unconventional bedding may seem odd, but officials say the beds are made of lightweight and high resistance cardboard. A Tokyo Olympic sponsor, Airweave, designed the fully sustainable beds to be able to hold up to 440 pounds.

After they have served their purpose for the 2020 Olympics, the cardboard will be fully recycled and the mattresses will be turned into plastic products.

This shift brings a bigger topic into play, sustainability. A goal was set for the Olympics this year, saying 99% of all goods used should be recycled or reused.

This year marks the first time the Olympics have used completely renewable bedding along with other goods. Considering the push towards a greener planet, Tokyo has been making some good decisions in order to conduct a sustainable Olympics.

Tokyo’s Athlete Village is to be completed in June before the start of the Olympics on July 24, followed by the Paralympics on Aug. 25.