Australia Fires Are Killing So Many Animals and One Family Is Standing Out Above Rest To Help

January 13, 2020

Australia is currently being taken over by massive wildfires. These fires started in late July and haven’t stopped since. As a result,  about 27 people and an estimated amount of about a billion animals have already died. The state of New South Wales is by far the worst-hit by these fires. They let alone have lost at least 800 million of animals. 

The Irwin family has been helping the animals more than ever. The Irwin’s are owners of an Australian Zoo and have lots of medical equipment, which has been crucial to helping. Animals have been burned, dying, and traumatized because of these raging fires. Not all of the animals have died because of the fires, some have died when they try to escape the fires and end up getting hit by cars. The Irwin’s have helped a tremendous amount with their wildlife hospital, which has taken in around 90,000 animals and is increasing rapidly every day. Terri Irwin states that the reason most Koalas are gone is when they sense a threat they go on top of trees, which is where most fires start to explode. Koalas aren’t the only animals that the Irwin’s are helping, they just happen to be the ones affected the most by the fires according to Terri. The Irwin’s are also making an emergency fundraising and building as many extra facilities as they can, but they are quickly going overcapacity. Terri Irwin has a crew of people that drive around the fires carefully searching for animals running out of the fire. This family has helped more than any celebrity donating millions of dollars could. The Irwin’s are out there risking their lives to save these animals and they will continue to do so until the fires are over. 

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