New York Sports Summary


Connor Popp, Senior Editor

Reflecting on New York Sports over the past couple of years is a hefty task.  Every city has there ups and downs but right now I’d say the people of NY are disappointed to say the least.  Kicking things off with football lets recap how poor the Jets and Giants have been,  The Jets have yet to be a good football team the thing they are best known for in my eyes is that its where nil players go to retire and end there career.  The Jets always seem to be getting players right after their prime and when they are in decline.  moving over to the giants on the other hand they were at one time a good nfl franchise they had Eli Manning who seemed to be great up until about 2 years ago and a real scrappy team that could beat the patriots.  Next up we got the legendary New York Yankees who have been amazing for as long as I can remember, the yanks have won the World Series 27 times with the most recent victory in 2009, I watched Jeter, Arod, Teixeira, Cano, Gardner, Swisher, and Posada all play for the Yankees and the only thought that comes to my mind when I think of this organization is legendary.  In NY baseball we also have the Mets who only have 2 World Series titles but still seem to stay relevant in New York Sports.  For basketball we have the extremely disappointing Knicks who just seem to somehow get worse and worse every year.  Finally we have the electrifying New York Rangers who haven’t won the Stanley cup since 1994 but are always on the cusp of greatness.