Opinion: Netflix Sucks Right Now


In the same way in which I check my fridge, hoping new food has magically appeared since the last time I checked, Netflix disappoints me every single time I open it.

I never thought the day would come in which I actually could not find a single thing on Netflix I would like to watch. Everything advertised is a Netflix original, and if the trailers weren’t enough to steer me away then the fact that it’s obviously on my front page because it’s a Netflix original does. Although subtle, Netflix is beginning to only show me Netflix Originals, all of which seem to be complete and utter garbage. Every once in a while Netflix succeeds, such as with “The Irishman” or “Marriage Story”, (Movies I must admit I have only heard of as being good) however most of the other content is completely lacking in any sort of worth despite the fact that I can’t help but see it every single time I open Netflix. I do admit that I have enjoyed Netflix Originals, “The Devil Next Door” was fantastic and so was “Evil Genius” however since then I struggle to even get through ten minutes of any other Original they so badly want me to watch.

Why are the majority of the Netflix Originals so awful? Well, it seems like there are five new ones every week and I think this is where the answer lies. You can’t make so much content so consistently and have it always be good, or in this case sometimes be good. It seems that recently Netflix have hit a hot streak of dreadful Originals, with all the terrible comedy specials and game shows such as “The Circle” being obnoxiously shoved in my face even though they are so clearly appalling pieces of content (I’m sorry but Kevin Hart is just not that funny).

You might say that I should try Hulu or HBO, and while both have some good things going for them, right now they are just as barren as Netflix without the distasteful advertising of their own shows. Of course, another argument someone might have is that I should just watch something that isn’t a Netflix Original, however 75% of what is recommended to me is and what isn’t looks as unappealing or more. The show “You”, which everyone seems to enjoy, could not appeal to me less as it seems to be another Netflix show graced with the luck of becoming a trending topic online.

All I ask for is some good content Netflix. I know you’re capable. You’ve done it before. And stop only showing me what you made, that would be awesome too.