Jan 2, 2017: The Day The Giants Began Their Decline

Jasper Nusbaum

The Giants just finished up their season at an impressively poor 4-12. Unfortunately, their 2019 season marked their third consecutive season with under five wins, a rather sharp turnaround from earning a playoff appearance in 2016.

The 2016 Giants went 11-5 and made it to wild card weekend. However, we all remember the infamous Miami Boat Trip taken by the Giants receiving core days before the wild card game. Five days later, the Giants went into Greenbay and were crushed 38-13. Taking the most heat from fans and the press was Odell, who had himself four catches on 11 targets for just 28 yards. No one showed up when it mattered and the franchise has gone downhill ever since.

Giants Receiving Core along with singer/songwriter Trey Songz on a boat in Miami

Since the boat trip and the Wild Card Game, the Giants have been struggling to get back to mediocracy. They’ve spent their highest draft picks over the last three seasons on offensive guys with high ceilings and have built themselves a young core on offense. With guys like Even Engram, Saquon Barkley, Daniel Jones, and Darius Slayton, the only issue on offense seems to be their offensive line. While they may take Jedrick Wills, an OT from Alabama, with the fifth pick in the 2020 draft, it may not even be enough to make their offense a legitimate contender.

Moving on to the man with the clipboard, the Giants have been an absolute coaching carousel over the past three seasons. After firing Ben McAdoo during week 12 of the 2017 season (with a 2-10 record), they turned to DC Steve Spagnuolo to finish out the year as interim head coach. After the season ended they went out and hired Patrick Shurmur, recipient of the 2017 Assistant Coach of the Year Award. After going 9-23 over the ’18 and ’19 seasons, Shurmur was let go. As of this week, the Giants hired their fourth coach in five years. Joe Judge. The ex-Patriots special teams coordinator and wide receivers coach looks to be the man with the clipboard who can push big blue back to the postseason for the first time since 2016.

One thing is for certain. If the giants want to return to their former glory, David Gettleman must go. The GM was hired in 2018 and has constantly made poor decisions that lead to angered the players and fans. He rosters that he’s built constantly seems like its a work in progress. This doesn’t work too well in a city like NY which already has one football team that’s the laughing stock of the NFL. Jets fans, they accept the failure. They thrive on poor performances and dreadful front office decisions. But Giants fans, they want results. Gettleman hasn’t gotten it done.

The last three seasons haven’t been what Giants fans expect from their franchise. I hope Joe Judge is the answer. I hope the Giants go 8-8 in the 2020 season. After they fail to make the playoffs, I hope Joe Judge goes to John Mara and calls for the removal of Gettleman. Then, I hope they’ll bring in a new younger mind who takes a new approach similar to the way that Jon Robinson rebuilt the Titans.