Coaching Carousel 2020 Edition

Is Joe Judge the new Bill Belichick?

Is Joe Judge the new Bill Belichick?

Chris Urban, Editor

The New York Football Giants hire Patriots Special Teams/Wide Receivers Coach Joe Judge:

WHO? That is the most likely reaction of Giants and NFL fans across the globe. In the biggest media city in the US, the New York Giants decide to go with a head coach that has NO experience at even the coordinator position in the NFL. It just seems like this is yet another risky Dave Gettlman mistake. The Giants should be able to attract the premier crop of coaches and interview several of them to properly find one. It feels the the New York Giants didn’t even try to attract the upper echelon guys including Matt Rhule, Josh McDaniels or Mike McCarthy. Despite this Judge is a no-nonsense coach that is only 38 years of age. New England’s special teams were the best in the NFL this year and John Harbaugh also came into the NFL as a special teams coach. Judge has worked under Saban at Alabama and Belichick in New England, so maybe the Giants see something special in him despite not holding any critical coaching position before. Belichick even said this about Judge: “Joe has done an outstanding job.” “He’s an excellent coach. He understands the game well, works extremely hard and is a very good teacher of fundamentals. Joe picks up concepts and coaching points quickly. He is an exceptional leader.” If Judge is not able to develop Daniel Jones up to fans expectations or wishes, he will likely have a quick stay in New York.

P.S. please do NOT hire Jason Garrett as your offensive coordinator!

The Carolina Panthers hire Baylor Head Coach Matt Rhule to a 7 year $60 contract

In a much less surprising move then the Giants, the Carolina Panthers went the college route in hiring Matt Rhule out of Baylor. Rhule has been the ultimate program changer in college football. Temple football was a poor college football program that couldn’t buy a win when Rhule first arrived. A few years later, Temple couldn’t stop winning and made several bowl appearances. More recently, Rhule inherited a Baylor team in shambles. In fact in his first year there Baylor went 1-11. Last year their record was 7-6 and this year they went 11-3. Baylor was one win over Oklahoma away from being the #4 overall seed in America and being in the college football playoff. Incredible. It will be interesting to see what he brings to the NFL level. He is a coach that prides himself on being in the teams facility 24/7 constantly trying to improve something. It would be wise to give Rhule a couple of years to get it right even if they struggle next season. Working with a healthy Cam Newton and superstar running back Christian McCafferey should be a fun project for Rhule to say the least.

The Dallas Cowboys hire former Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy to a 5 year $30 contract

Finally some team goes with experience. Mike McCarthy has made the playoffs 9 out of 13 years in Green Bay when he was there and he also has the 3rd best winning percentage in the NFL currently (125-77 .618) despite being unemployed. So how did he not have a job? I don’t quite understand either but he did work with Brett Farve and Aaron Rodgers who were two of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game. Most people would agree it was Rodgers, not McCarthy as to why the Packers were so good. Known for not adapting to nuances and analytics well, some people believe this hire by the Cowboys is indifferent and more of a stop gap hiring until some young gun takes over in big D. Cowboys fans probably would have liked to see Urban Meyer, Matt Rhule, or even a Josh McDaniels. McCarthy’s resume doesn’t lie, but let’s see what he does to turn around the Cowboys. McCarthy was liked enough by ownership that he even stayed over at Jerry Jones’s house last Saturday night which is a vital check mark in being hired as a Cowboys coach. The Cowboys have a great offensive line, a star runner in Ezekiel Elliott, a good quarterback in Dak Prescott, and several promising defensive pieces to work with.

The Washington Redskins hire former Panthers Head Coach Ron Rivera to a 5 year contract

This has been regarded as the best hire so far in this years coaching carousel. People were shocked when he was fired from the Panthers despite not having Cam Newton for most of the year. There’s not a whole lot to talk about here. Rivera will bring much needed culture and direction shift to Washington. “Riverboat Ron” as his players call him commands the utmost respect and pride from his players at all times. Rivera is 76-63 (.546) with the Panthers and brought them to the Super Bowl in 2015 with an 17-1 overall record. Ron Rivera’s firing was a shocking move after week 13 this season, so congratulations Redskins on a very solid coach. It will be interesting to see Rivera work with quarterback Dwayne Haskins who profiles similarly to Cam Newton in his early years.

Cleveland Browns hire NOBODY YET:

Hopefully not Jason Garrett.