9 most popular TV shows of 2019

Beware Some Spoilers!!

Allyson Hernandez and Madeleine Larzul

  1. Dark season 2 

Dark is a German science fiction thriller series on Netflix, which came out on  December 1st, 2017. The second season is ranked on Rotten Tomatoes as one of the top Sci-fi/horror/fantasy series with a 100% score.  It takes place in Germany, a fictional town, known as Winden where people mysteriously disappear. The second season starts with Jonas Kahnwald, the main character of the season, who is trapped in the future. In season 1, Jonas is first introduced as a teenager who is trying to cope with his father’s suicide and his brother’s disappearance 33 years ago. The series takes place at different times. In the first season, the story mostly takes place in 2019, then continues in 1986, 1953 and finishes in 2052.  The second season happens in 2020, then in 1987,1954, and in 2053.  While Jonas’s friends are still in 2019, they try to figure out why people keep on disappearing and how they are connected. The first season starts with a child’s disappearance which reveals hidden secrets among four families of three generations. The second season exposes many new secrets, but there are still many answers hidden, which the audience hopes to be revealed in season three. – Madeleine


2. Succession season 2

Succession is an American drama series that premiered on HBO on June 3, 2018. The second season is viewed on Rotten Tomatoes as one of the top TV drama series of 2019 with a 96% score.  The series follows a fictional American global-media family who owns one of the biggest media companies in New York City called Wastar Rocco. In season 1, the father of the Roy family, Logan Roy, and owner of the company announces on his 80th birthday that he will not retire from his job. His decision was a surprise to his four children given his old age. The oldest is Connor who is too busy running for president, that he doesn’t have time to deal with any of his family’s drama.  The second son is Kendall who is struggling with substance abuse and his relationship with his wife. The third son is Roman who is immature for his age and doesn’t take the responsibility seriously. Finally, his youngest child and daughter, Siobhan is married to Tom Wambsgans and works for a presidential candidate, Gil Eavis. Season 2 continues with a new announcement from Logan Roy to his children that he will officially step down from being the CEO of his company. His decision creates a conflict between the three youngest siblings because they think that their father will choose one of them to become the next owner of the company. – Madeleine 


3. When they see us

When They See Us is a mini-series on Netflix, which was released on May 31st, 2019. The series is ranked as one of the best TV drama series on Rotten Tomatoes with a 96% score. This series contains four episodes and is based on a true story when five young boys, known as the Central Park Five, between the ages of 14 and 16 years old were wrongly accused of raping and killing a white woman in April of 1989 in Central Park. This series follows the lives of the five boys and their families before the incident and after the incident until they become men. The boys were forced to confess on tape by a crime they never committed and questioned for hours without their parents knowing. They were then forced to go on trial and were sent to jail for many years. This series is a must-see because it shows how the justice system was so unfair and how the four men had to go through difficult times. – Madeleine 


4. Watchmen 

Watchmen is a nine-episode series of one hour each which came out in October 2019 on HBO. Rotten Tomatoes ranked the series with a 96% score.  It is an American superhero drama series based on the 1987 DC books. Watchmen is set in an alternate history in 2019 of Tulsa, Oklahoma. There is a white supremacist group known as the Seventh Kavalry that brings trouble around town. The main character is Angela Abar ( Regina King ) who is a Tulsa police detective that wears a nun outfit with a mask to hide who she is. Every episode reveals new information about the series which makes us want to watch the following episode. – Madeleine 

5. Flash season 6 

This season was filled with so many emotions. Barry and Iris struggle to deal with the loss of their daughter and Killer Frost almost dies along with her relationship Caitlin. Barry also prepares everyone is upcoming fate in death and is putting Cisco in charge. Yet another big threat also comes to Barry’s health as he is drugged by a metahuman causing him to be stuck in a hallucination and on his path to the brink of death. – Allyson 


6. The Crown season 3 

The Crown is a historical drama series about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Season 3 was released on Netflix in November 2019 and was given a 90% score on Rotten Tomatoes. This season reveals scandalous historical stories for every episode. This season shows the views of different members of the Royal Family and how some of them questioned their purpose in life and feel trapped in their own world. – Madeleine




7. Stranger things season 3

This was the season of romance, new jobs, Russians, and yet another monster to defeat. Dustin catches a signal from Russian spies by accident while trying to contact his girlfriend Suzie, from camp. The Russians discover another portal to the upside and are working hard on opening it. Dustin builds a team including Steve, Robin, and Erica(Lucas’s sister) to stop the spies.  Mike and Eleven have many ups and downs in their relationship. Eleven starts to find her own independence and begins acting like a normal teenager. Max and Lucas are still dating. Max is also teaching Eleven to understand when Mike does something wrong. As for Nancy and Johnathan, they have a new job at a newspaper where Nancy struggles to deal with sexism from her boss. Steve makes a new friend Robin at his new job at an ice cream shop. Billy had to struggle with being possed by the Mind Flayer. Will starts to feel there is something wrong, he still feels the Mind Flayer is there. Hopper finds a love interest in Joyce, but that gets interrupted by trying to stop the Russian spies and the Mind Flayer all over again. The season with many tragic deaths, but we don’t know if one is fully dead. The Byers are leaving Hawkins. Joyce ends up taking in Eleven and moves her and her sons to the city. -Allyson


8. Riverdale season 4

This season is not over yet but it already has numerous amounts of surprises and thrilling adventures. At the beginning of the season, there was a tribute to Luke Perry and the explanation for Fred Andrews’s death. Cult Leader Edgar Evernever is finally dead and there are no more farmies. Jughead joins a private school and a new mystery about his Grandpa. A new villain in town is constantly threatening Archie and the community center. Hiram is now out of jail and mayor with a second daughter from Miami. That’s just a few things, there are a lot more coming and the seasons only halfway done. – Allyson 


9. The umbrella academy season 1 

From the start till the end, this tv show has already left us with so many cliffhangers and with so many questions in mind.  Starting with the fact that 43 women got pregnant with no explanation and only seven of them have powers, this was never answered. They lived their lives with the Sir Reginald Hargreeves who adopted them and made them into superheroes. Time fast forwards to the present and all the kids are back in the house they grew up in and trying to solve who murder their father. But out of nowhere their missing brother who disappeared at the age of 10 reappears 20 years later completely unbothered by the fact that he hasn’t seen anyone. His arrival came with the bad news that the world is ending and they have to stop it. The season ended with a major cliffhanger having all the kids disappear. – Allyson