Review of The Bachelor Premiere


The 24th season of The Bachelor premiered last night, and I have some thoughts.  First off, the length.  The fact that the full episode requires three full hours of my attention is pretty absurd.  Not going to lie, I definitely tuned in a little late as to avoid the three-hour duration.

Next, the contestants.  Per usual, they already are showcasing the people that will continue to feud and cause drama for most of the season, and it seems they have chosen Shiann and Hannah Ann with a few others mixed in.  On the first night, Hannah Ann talked to Peter four separate times, when most of the other contestants barely had one chance.  One of the people she interrupted in conversation was Shiann, and naturally, their rivalry began.

The first solo date was given to a 23-year old from Alabama named Madison.  They attended a vow renewal ceremony of Peter’s parents, where Peter was acting as the minister.  I thought introducing the entire family to Madison on the first date was extremely forward.  Meeting the parents doesn’t usually happen until the final two contestants go on hometown dates, but this concept was completely disregarded.

Finally, Hannah B.  Why is she back?  She’s already been on two seasons of the Bachelor/Bachelorette, and it’s too much.  Sure, when she asked out Tyler C. on the finale last season that was reasonable enough because she had just been cheated on and everyone kind of felt for her, but that should’ve been the last we saw of her.  Not to mention she just won a season of Dancing With The Stars, so at this point, she’s just begging for TV exposure.  Without a doubt, they are bringing her back to cause drama and draw in viewers, but I think everyone can agree that Hannah B. should just go home.