How Electric is Tom Brady’s Social Media?

How Electric is Tom Brady's Social Media?

Connor Popp, Senior Editor

Following the Patriots tough loss on many New England fans are in a state of deep despair.  Tom Brady did not seem like he will be returning to the team he has been with for so long and now all the dynasty fans can do is hope.  Instead of dwelling on the sadness of Tom Brady possibly leaving the Patriots lets shed some positive light on how electric his social media posts are.  The first I would like to mention is his TikTok post.  Tom Brady made a TikTok of himself and its hilarious to say the least.  It is a video of him getting out in front of his running back to make a block except he clearly try not to hit anybody to make sure he doesn’t get hurt and while this clip is running the video will cut to some sort of powerful vehicle like a train of bus, implying that his blocking is equivalent to the force of a bus or train which is the whole joke since the actual video of him going to make a block shows him completely missing.  Another social media post of his that was extremely electric was the post of his Instagram for the start of the 2019 playoffs.  It was a clips of patriots highlights and clips of a lion with a man speaking in the background with the quotes, “It’s to late to be scared” and “It’s time to kill.”  These are very funny to me because it is serious and at the same time humorous because the video tells the viewer that the Patriots and Tom Brady see themselves as the king of the jungle and letting everyone know that no one is better than them.  This is also very funny because the irony of it was that they lost in the first round of wildcard games so that was tough for them.  Nevertheless Tom Brady’s social media IS electric.