Patriots Robbed?



GOAT Tom Brady celebrating one of his many wins, as well as the fact he is indisputably the greatest to ever play.

Jake Creus, Sports Expert

So, wildcard weekend is over and with it, the Patriots dynasty. However, controversy arose over the substances Derrick Henry may have been taking, as well as the amount of air in the balls. It appears that Derrick Henry may be using some sort of performance enhancing methods to better his play, this being the only reason for Patriots loss. Although there is no concrete proof of the use of such substances, Henry’s hair allows for an ideal spot to hide anything if need be. Furthermore, it was clear to anyone watching the game that the balls seemed to be lacking in air, an issue the Patriots have had to deal with in the past. Although they have experience with such difficulties, it still doesn’t justify the unfair practice used against them.

It’s truly sad to see an era ended by clear and obvious malpractice. A team as exemplary and respectful of the rules should not be on the receiving end of opposite behaviors. The famously sportsmanlike team was brought down this weekend amongst severe controversy, an example of how unfair sports can be. There is no doubt that this moment will go down in history as one of the biggest injustices in NFL history, a team which has always been the underdog taken down in a dishonest, cruel manner.