Is Lebron James A Top 15 Basketball Player of All Time?


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Lebron (left) trying to get the ball from Lonzo Ball (right)

Excerpt from “Best Athletes of All Time” best selling book I plan on writing in coming years.

There have been a lot of basketball players over the years, some great, some not. One player who stands out to me is Lebron James, who scores so many points and does so many rebounds that I have to ask…

Is Lebron James one of the best 15 players to ever grace a basketball court?

No one’s arguing that players such as Michael Jordan or Zion Williamson have already made a name for themselves, but does Lebron deserve to have his name in that conversation? Well, if you look at statistics, it’s obvious that he wins all the time. This brings up another question, does winning equate to success? If you take a look at someone like Yao Ming, who never won but is still up there in the best-to-ever-do-it list, then it’s his height that gives him such a ranking. Lebron James is not even close to as tall as Yao Ming, but he is still a big guy.

Furthermore, Lebron James coined the term “Taco Tuesday”, a cultural phenomenon America will never forget. I would make the case that his innovations off the court should give him some credibility as a very good basketball player, but feel free to disagree. Just remember to thank Mr. James next time you sink your teeth into a taco on a Tuesday. As if that weren’t enough to cement him as one of the 15 best, think about the delicious sprite cranberry soft drink you wish you had right now. People are quick to forget how great of a commercial that is, with Lebron James appearing and radiating extreme amounts of holiday cheer almost rivaling St. Nick himself.

Even if you aren’t ready to concede that Lebron James is a fantastic basketball player, take into account that Space Jam 2 is already being regarded as one of the best films of all time, and it’s release date is in 2 years. A player who can perform on the court as well as on set should be given some credit, considering how hard it is to act.

If I haven’t made my case yet for why Lebron should be in contention for a top 15 spot, I suggest you check out a Los Angeles Lakers game soon. Lebron is often seen scoring 3 point shots, 2 point shots, free throws and even some acrobatic dunks. Although he is yet to score a 4 point shot, there’s no doubt in my mind that he is capable of doing so. He really is a great basketball player, no matter what anyone says.