Kate Stevens- Athlete of the Week, Girls Field Hockey


Sean Savage

This week’s athlete of the week is senior captain Kate Stevens for the Girls Varsity Field Hockey. After having four new coaches in the past four years, Kate knew she had to come in by setting an example. Last year they had been rebuilding and spent the offseason rigorously training for the season that lied ahead. The team had focused on strengthening team dynamics as well as overall team performance on the field, as this would give them an edge over others. The offseason helped bring the team closer together so by the time the season started everyone had a tight bond with one another.

Although Rye did not make it too far into the playoffs, they ended the season with a hard-fought last game. Many other coaches from the section commented on how Rye was a completely different team opposed to last year. It was clear the team played with intensity and passion all throughout the season. Each player had improved and it didn’t go without notice to other teams. It had been the teams the first year where the coach had hope in their team. All of this had stemmed from the offseason, where Kate took charge of leading training sessions along with team bonding outside of training. Coach Vegliante noticed how Kate’s leadership had a major impact on everyone around her. Vegliante comments: “Kate Stevens is a true leader both on and off the field. As one of the captains, she made sure the team was ready to play hard whenever they took the field. She was a key player in our midfield and constantly fed her forwards the ball in our offensive circle. She was a team player and will surely be missed next year.” Her leadership had led the team to grow, in hopes of a bright future for the program. She can’t wait to go back and visit in the following years in hopes to witness future success.

Kate’s hard work had to lead her to personal goals asides from what the team accomplished. She was awarded all-league, all-section, and all-state by the New York Field Hockey Coaches Association. With all these awards by her side, Kate will continue to play club hockey in college.