Three Reasons Why Winter Sucks

Three Reasons Why Winter Sucks

Sydney Gager, Editor

Technically it’s not winter yet. So I guess this article should be called Three Reasons Why Whatever Season it is Sucks. Regardless of the season, if you’re feeling the weather get to you, reading this list of complaints might be helpful–at the very least you’ll know you’re not the only one suffering in the cold. 

        1. It’s so freaking dark

Without the sun to accompany early morning wake-ups, pressing snooze gets easier and opening our eyes gets harder. Once the sun finally comes up, it isn’t around for long. By four o’clock, I’m ready to crawl back into bed–but it’s not even dinner time yet. After a few hours of homework and dinner, it’s definitely time to sleep–but wait! It’s not even 7:30!

With the sun seriously slacking off, it’s all too easy to give into exhaustion. 

        2. It’s cold

It’s impossible to step outside without a coat, and many have already broken out their hats and gloves. Beds are that much cozier (and that much harder to leave) but the cold is bringing none of the bonuses of snow. No sledding, no beautiful landscapes, and no snow days. 

What’s the point of freezing if we don’t even have a chance of snow days?

        3. School is in full-swing, but the end is nowhere in sight

School started months ago, but it won’t end for many more months. As tests increase in number and homework gets harder and harder, it is hard to maintain any sort of optimism–especially since there’s not much to do (except curl up in front of a fire) if you ever finish working. Holiday break is the only bright spot on the horizon, but the exciting two weeks off won’t truly be a break. Teachers will use the extra time as an excuse to pile on extra homework. 

With summer a distant memory and a far-off future, it feels as if the monotony of school will never end. 


Just remember that cold weather doesn’t last forever. Soon enough we’ll be complaining that it’s too hot again. In the meantime, take advantage of hot cocoa, fuzzy blankets, warm fires, and all of the awesome traditions that might just make our cold-weather-blues worth it.