Sports Team of the Decade

Sports Team of the Decade

Charlie Abt

 There are many teams that had very successful decades. Which team has dominated their respective sport the most this past decade?


MLB: San Francisco Giants

The Giants won three World Series this decade, led by manager Bruce Bochy, All-Star catcher Buster Posey, and All-Star Pitcher Madison Bumgarner. The Giants were the World Series winners in 2010, 2012, and 2014. The only thing that hurts the Giants case of being the best team of the decade, is how they finished it. The Giants ended the decade with losing seasons in each of the last three years, including a season in which they won only 64 games. Overall six winning seasons and three World Series titles were enough to put them over the top and make them the team of the decade.


NFL: New England Patriots

The Patriots continue to be the cream of the crop when it comes to success in the NFL. They are led by Future Hall of Fame Quarterback Tom Brady and Future Hall of Fame Coach Bill Belichick. The Patriots have been to five Super Bowls and won three this decade. They have won their division every year this decade, and are currently leading it again. They have 123 wins compared to only 33 losses. Year in and year out, the Patriots have been among the top teams in the league. They have had a first-round bye in every season this decade. All in all, this is the easiest choice, as no team has come close to matching the success that the Patriots have seen.

NBA: Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors have had one of the great five year stretches in recent memory. The Warriors won three championships, five consecutive conference championships, and five consecutive division titles. Originally, the Warriors were led by All-Stars Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green, and those three led the Warriors to the best regular-season record in history by going 73 and 9. That offseason, they signed former MVP Kevin Durant, and they would go on to win the next two championships. Kevin Durant departed in free agency last offseason to sign with the Nets, Klay Thompson tore his ACL, and Steph Curry has a broken hand, all of which has caused them to have one of the worst records in the league this season. However, their five years of dominance have been more than enough to make up from the record this year.

Verdict: While the Warriors may have had the best five-year stretch amongst all the contenders, they didn’t have the decade long success that accompanied the Patriots, and their dominance of the NFL.