The biggest fashion trends of 2019


1. Statement Sneakers

Formerly known as the “dad shoe”, chunky sneakers have made their return into high fashion and now everyone wants to get themselves a pair.  When asked about who started the trend,  Jane Buckingham, CEO of trend forecasting and consulting company Trendera, said brands like Nike and Adidas started going “chunkier” about two years ago. Balenciaga quickly became known for their own take on these statement shoes, and now almost every shoe company out there has their own variation.  The trend then made its way into high schools everywhere through Nike’s “Air Force One”, a less extreme and more affordable version of Balenciaga.

Nike Air Force 1
One of Balenciaga’s “dad shoes”

2. Snakeskin/Animal Print

Animal prints have been making a return for a while now, but this year specifically there was definitely a surge of snakeskin.  Snakeskin can be found on anything: shirts, sweatshirts, pants, shoes, socks, bags, even jewelry.  Take any basic item of clothing, add a snakeskin print, and suddenly it’s fashion.  This versatility of the trend makes it appealing and accessible to anyone, and I don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon.

3. Bike Shorts

Accompanying the uprise of athleisure, bike shorts have made their way into many closets this year. One day the long pairs of spandex are something to wear when training for a bike race, then Kim Kardashian wears them and suddenly it’s the perfect addition to an oversized t-shirt on the way to the grocery store.  I don’t think it’s surprising that these have become so popular due to the increasing want to be comfortable in clothes, rather than suffering in order to have a nice outfit.  Bike shorts can now be spotted not only at the grocery store, but on the runway as well.  As someone who more often than not will be found in a sweatshirt and leggings, I’m not complaining about the increase of comfort in high fashion, but I still think this trend is a little strange.

Supermodels Emily Ratajkowski, Bella Hadid & Kendall Jenner sporting the trend

4. Neon

Specifically, this spring going into summer, neon made its return into fashion.  With music festivals such as the infamous Coachella and many others around the country, people found the perfect opportunity to bring back neon.  I think it was a fun change considering most people today like to stick to neutrals, colors they feel comfortable in.  Neon was pretty short-lived, however, as it pretty much ended with the summer.  Although, brightly colored sweaters are somewhat present this winter, which may be due to the stream of neon we saw this summer.  I think bright colors are a pleasant change to the overwhelming amount of neutrals we see in today’s clothing, and I hope it sticks around.

5. Bamboo Bags

Bamboo Bags.  Don’t even get me started on how absurd this trend is.  So unpractical for everyday life, so bulky, there’s just not one single good reason to carry around one of these bags.  Maybe to the beach if there’s nothing of value to bring, but for everyday life purposes, you’re just doing yourself a disservice.  I have no idea why these brown cages of an accessory have become popular, but do yourself a favor and stay away.