What Even is Christmas?

What Even is Christmas?

Abby Bozek

Now don’t get me wrong, I like Christmas just as much as the next guy. The smell of pine, tiny candy canes passed out at every corner, presents under the tree hold such a delight. Yet when I take a look at this popular holiday with a clearer eye, I find myself asking why we even celebrate it. Now for starters, people typically celebrate it as the birth of Jesus. This is just false. He was not born on December 25th as stated in the 3rd century AD, but in fact was most likely born some day in July. 

Second of all, all holidays have connections in some way or another. Whether it be religion or the remembrance of individuals that lost their lives in war, they all go back to something. Now even though 9 out of 10 individuals celebrate Christmas, only half of those individuals view it as a religious holiday (based off a Pew Research Center Survey). So what are we celebrating? Family? Thanks? No, that’s Thanksgiving. Gifts? No, that’s not something you can just celebrate and turn into a national holiday. 

Now throughout the years, Christmas has rolled into this holiday with no roots. In the beginning, individuals took some Pagan traditions and meshed them with their own and ~boom~ there was Christmas. Now, from an individual like myself, it seems as if it is just a holiday to get and give gifts. That’s it. Now it may just be because I do not align myself with any exact religion, but I will put it like this. A tree cannot have a real life without its roots. So where are Christmas’ roots? Certainly not in the bottom of your Christmas tree. 

I am not stating here that we should just throw Christmas out the window, or that you should change any of the traditions you may have on this special day. I am purely just bringing up a point, a contention if you will. I am sure that family’s with traditions enjoy the holiday much more than I, but I hope that on Christmas day when you open up your gifts this little thought pops into your head asking why you are opening that new iPhone.