Why is Grey’s Anatomy still airing?


Ella Brady, Editor

When thinking about the most classic Netflix shows to waste time with, Grey’s Anatomy is certainly a frontrunner.  Known for its’ tearjerking storylines and dramatic relationships, the show definitely provides for a lot of entertainment.  I admit, I’m not excluded from the massive group of people who’ve fallen guilty to hours upon hours of Grey’s Anatomy.  I’ve probably seen every episode of the first 11 seasons, up until Derek dies at the end of season 11.  After that, it was an obvious decision to stop watching.

You may be thinking, why would they ever continue the show without Derek?  Well, the show is now on season 16, and your concerns are completely valid. I tried to watch season 12, but after the characters’ initial shock and grieving were over, the story became to feel forced.  When a show has already been airing for 10 years, it’s extremely difficult to come up with new drama that keeps people engaged.  Most of the original characters and original relationships are completely gone, making it even more difficult to enjoy anything that happens with the new characters since we’ve become so invested in the old ones.

Now, let’s discuss Ellen Pompeo.  Playing the iconic Meredith Grey, the main focus of the show, she is allegedly the one calling the shots as to when the show will finally end.  At the beginning of the series, she was just out of med school starting her internship at the hospital, and her appearance made that pretty believable.  However, she quickly went from looking like a 20-something-year-old to easily 50.  Then, after Derek died, they set her up in a relationship with a character who doesn’t look a day over 30, and the whole thing is just confusing.  She was first happily married with children with Derek, one of the most iconic TV relationships ever.  Not to be morbid, but how can the writers expect us to support her in any other relationship when her husband was just hit and killed by a truck?  Sure, we want her to be happy but a new boyfriend is a little bit excessive.

There are barely any characters that have been there since the start, and I believe the beginning of the series is what made everyone fall in love with the show.  Christina, George, Izzy, Meredith, and Alex could never be replaced no matter what new people they try and throw in.  They’ve tried to bring up old events and incorporate them into the new seasons, like Meredith going to jail in recent episodes for something that happened several years ago, but at this point, it’s so repetitive nothing they do excites the viewer anymore.

I highly recommend watching the first few seasons, maybe up to season 6 or 7, but if you end up getting bored after awhile I don’t blame you.  I think at this point it’s just a matter of time before they have to call it.  I don’t think anyone expected the series to last this long, and rightfully so.  Sure, it will be a sad goodbye for the fans who have been watching since 2005, but I think everyone can collectively agree its’ time has come.  Maybe I’ll try watching the later seasons at some point, but for right now I think I’m better off waiting for them to announce the last season.