Narwhal: The Unicorn Puppy


Sydney Gager, Editor

On November 9th, an extra-special puppy was rescued. He has one normal tail and a second one on his forehead. His full name is “Narwhal the Little Magical Furry Unicorn.” He was rescued with frostbite on his paw, but is healing well. The daschund terrier he was found with is assumed to be his father. Narwhal and his dad, Poppa Smurf, are pictured below.

It is theorized that Narwhal’s adorable protrusion (which has no bones and is not connected to anything) was once Narwhal’s twin, who he absorbed in the womb. Parasitic twins like these are incredibly rare in dogs. The second tail could be removed without harming Narwhal, but he is unaffected by it, so there are no plans to do so. However, the shelter is planning to monitor the playful puppy for longer before putting him up for adoption.

The shelter that’s taking care of Narwhal is called Mac’s Mission Animal Rescue. Mac’s Mission is a nonprofit, special needs dog rescue located in Jackson, Missouri. They specialize in “the injured, abused, and [those with] birth defects” to ensure that these special dogs aren’t euthanized at other shelters. As a nonprofit, they rely on donations, so the attention–and donations of $6,000–Narwhal has brought, benefits all of his puppy pals too. Donations go to many funds and programs that “pay-it-forward.” Other than Narwhal–who is not up for adoption yet due to his young age–Mac’s Mission has dogs young and old, with issues from blind/deafness to cleft palates. They also (for no clear reason) have a rooster named Trucker. Mac’s Mission began in 2011 with a puppy, Macaroni, who needed five leg surgeries (occurring through 2014). After his owner raised money for Mac’s surgeries, the passion to help more dogs led to the rescue of hundreds of animals in need. This shelter stays true to its roots, prioritizing care over anything else–even when that meant turning down an offer of $7000 for Narwhal. You can learn more about the shelter at their website

Looking at this adorable pup, it’s no surprise there have already been over 50 adoption applications for him (according to CNN), even though he is not yet available for adoptions.

Many people have even tweeted they would die for Narwhal.

Keep an eye out for Narwhal as he keeps growing and eventually gets a forever home.












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