5 Health benefits for tea

Madeleine Larzul

Tea is one of the most consumed drinks,  not only does it taste good, but it has multiple health benefits:
Green Tea
  1. Tea is good for our brain 
 Recently, in September 2019, a new study came out from the National University of Singapore; people who drink tea almost every day have a more structured brain than the non-drinkers. The researchers also found out that the people who drink black and green tea or oolong tea twice a week for 25 years will have interconnected brains. 
2. Digestion 
Green Tea, Chai Tea, and herbal tea are all beneficial for digestion. In 2005, a study published by the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that the catechins from green tea increases the digestive enzyme that breaks down proteins in the stomach.  Chai Tea also helps digestion because of the spices it contains.  
  1. Teeth 
Studies have shown that tea lowers the pH of the teeth surface which suppresses the growth of periodontal bacteria. Another study came out in 2010 from Japanese researchers, that people who drink green tea every day have more chances of not losing any teeth. 
4. Heart disease 
In 2001, a study found that people who drank three cups of tea every day (237ml) were reduced by 11% for heart attacks. Another research in June 2008 from the Tea Advisory Panel and the Tea Council found the same results as in 2001.
5. Bones 
In June 2008, the Tea Advisory Panel also found out that tea helps strengthen the bones.