Are There Enough Hours in a Day to be a Rye Student?


Sydney Gager, Editor

Teenagers need time to socialize, spend time with their family, sleep for more than 9 hours, and do schoolwork. Is this possible?

Six seniors explained their usual schedule and as you can see, there’s not enough time in the day for the typical Rye student.

I wake up at 6:30, but even when I get up by 6:40, I still don’t leave my house until about 7:40 or 7:50. I have either 6 or 8 classes a day (depending on if I have a science double and gym or two frees) which include three APs. After school I often have three hours of extracurricular (either work or rehearsal). Between travel time and dinner, homework gets started around 7:00. Optimistically–either from a light day or from working during lunch and frees–let’s say I have two hours of homework. With an occasional break, I’ll probably finish homework around 9:30. Let’s assume I don’t work on college applications or long-term projects. After a shower, I’m in bed by 10:00. On a good day, I spend nine hours out of my house, have only two hours of additional homework, and do all of this on only eight hours of sleep, but often there’s more homework and less sleep. 

My alarm goes off at 6:45, but due to the 5-7 hours of sleep I received from that night, I stumble downstairs to make breakfast at around 7:25. The first two classes of my day go almost right over my head because my brain hasn’t started functioning that early in the morning. I have 9 full classes, including 2 AP’s and 2 languages, and once that ends- my day just continues. I scarf down a snack from the cafeteria and go either to rehearsal or the library or both. Each day varies, but I usually get home between 5:30-7.  Before I can do anything else, I force myself to take a break, eat some quality food, watch some TV, and usually do a quick workout. Homework starts around 8 for me and ends around 10:30. I then continue my college supplements, projects and essays that I know aren’t due until later. I barely have to time to talk to my family or take a shower before I look at the time and I’m losing sleep. At around midnight my eyes shut themselves. Then it starts again.

5:30–wake up

6:00–get ready, breakfast, put recycling out

7:30–head out to school

8-2:30~~take seven classes, 1 free fourth (lunch, yuck)

Depending on [the] day, I have certain after school stuff: either I tutor (3 days a week), go to LETS, or babysit (1-2 days a week).

In spring, I have track every day. In the winter, I usually help my mom out after the activities (go to Costco, currently driving her because she got eye surgery 😵)

Then, once a week I make dinner at home. I have to do chores (empty dishwasher, do the laundry) and then I have homework (rip—takes forever cause I take 4 APs). Typically homework takes 3 hours(?) and I usually do it from 3:30-6:30ish, then study after dinner for an hour and a half. after that I usually take a shower and go on my phone for half an hour, and then go to bed at 10:30. I say I get 7-8 hours of sleep?

I wake up super early: often at 5:30 because I can’t sleep. I’ll just sit in bed for 45 minutes to an hour ruminating. I’m actually up out of bed at 6:30 by the latest. I always make sure to eat breakfast and I’m out of my house walking to school by 7:15. I have only 5 classes and I spend as much time doing homework and college work in school as I can to stay on top of things. My lunch period is at 10:00 am which is garbage cuz I’m always starving again by ninth period. Most weekdays I will walk immediately home and get to sailing practice just after 3:15. Sailing goes until 6:30 if I’m optimistic, but I often don’t get home until 7. I shower immediately after getting home, and then eat dinner, so my homework is not often started until 8. On an average day, I’ll have about an hour and a half of work and I’m hopefully in bed by 10. However, I’m often so stressed and a light sleeper, so even if I go to bed on the earlier side, I’ll still only come away with about 5-7 hours of sleep, only to wake up at 5:30 again the next day. I’m an anxious person.

 I wake up at like 6:30-7:00 and leave for school at about 7:20 so I have time to do any hw I didn’t have time to do the night before. I have 8 classes a day (9 when I have a lab period), 5 of them are AP’s. After school I normally am at track (or cross country in the fall) until about 5. After walking my dog, showering, the occasional accidental nap, and eating dinner, I usually start hw at about 8-9(assuming I didn’t procrastinate too badly). To be completely honest I am easily distracted so my homework (and college application work) takes me a really long time: normally about 5-6 hours a night. By the time I’ve gotten ready for bed, its normally about 3.

I wake up at 6:30, and leave my house at 7:25 to get picked up by a friend, since I never got the chance to get a driver’s license. Some days I have 9 periods in a day, without a lunch, and other days my gym period becomes a free. I take 4 APs, 1 college level course, and 1 pre-AP course. After school, I have a club meeting where I’m an officer of, and sometimes a meeting with the officers afterwards. That runs until 4, and I have another extracurricular activity at the school from 4:45 until 5 (that’s the provided time slot, but realistically it runs on for another 15 more minutes). On an average weekday, I dedicate about 1 to 2 hours to extracurriculars. Between gathering my belongings from my locker to going to the bathroom, I leave the school at 5:30. I walk home, again because I never had the time to get a driver’s license, and get home by 6. I’d like to say that I start homework right there, but honestly, I collapse in bed and I’m asleep until 8, when it’s dinnertime. So I start my work around 9 typically; I have at least 3 classes to do homework for, and being a meticulous perfectionist, I don’t usually finish until 12am. By that time I’m either finished, or have given up, but either way I get ready for sleep (showering, skincare etc.) and I get to sleep by 12:30, although I don’t fall asleep for another hour or so. On average, I get about 6.5 hours of sleep, but there’s times where I go to school with 3 hours of sleep.

No one is getting nine and a quarter hours of sleep (the recommended amount for teenagers) and are barely getting eight (the amount adults need), and this is often without time to hang out with friends outside of extracurriculars. If there’s not enough time in a day to be a healthy teenager, what are Rye students supposed to do? Should they stop taking challenging classes? Abandon any hope of sleep? Stop doing homework? Drop their extracurriculars? 

With a literally impossible list of things to accomplish, it is no surprise the average Rye student is sleep-deprived and stressed. When will there be enough hours in a day to live a balanced life at Rye High?


Special thanks to Tess Greenhaw, Maeve McGuire, Maddy Saffer, Paul Kraut, and Nina Kato for sharing their typical days!