Everyone is Having Mixed Feelings About The Little Mermaid Live

The Little Mermaid Live aired on November 5th and fans of the 1989 original movie had mixed feelings about it. Fans who watched the live version of the movie were outraged with the supposed to be crab, Sebastion. People were angry with Jamaican reggae musician Shaggy, who played Sebastion in the live remake. Fans were furious with the fact that his costume didn’t have any claws and couldn’t be bothered to look like a crab.  On twitter, people are comparing Sebastion’s costume to Micheal Jackson’s outfit in the Thriller music video and Brittney Spears’s outfit in the Oops I Did it Again video. Fans were also annoyed and terrified with how the beloved Flounder was seen as a puppet. People are saying it’s something one would see in their nightmares because of how horrifying it looked. This ruined what the character of Flounder should be, a loving and kind friend, who won’t haunt one in its dreams. There was also the fact that another princess played Ariel, which I think was the worst part about it. When an actress plays a Disney Princess it’s sort of hard to unsee that actor as a specific princess. It’s like they have a forever job to be that one princess and no other. Personally, I do agree with the feelings of these fans, but I will admit to the live having some good things. Queen Latifah’s performance as Ursula in Poor Unfortunate Souls was beautifully played out and sounded marvelous compared to the other actor’s performances. There were songs added for Graham Phillips as Prince Eric because his character in the original movie, doesn’t sing. The idea of having new songs and changing the original wasn’t my favorite, but fans seem to like it. Philps along with Queen Latifah performances were amazing and both actors have strong musical talents. In conclusion, The Little Mermaid Live left me and many others with very different feelings, so maybe there isn’t just one way to feel about it.