Why Christmas decorations should be allowed before Thanksgiving

Why Christmas decorations should be allowed before Thanksgiving

Ella Brady, Editor

Can white jeans be worn after Labor Day?  Is it acceptable to start planning your Halloween costume in August?  Perhaps the most relevant to this time of year: are you allowed to put up Christmas and other holiday decorations before Thanksgiving? All of these questions facilitate lots of debate in today’s world.

Most people I’ve met are strictly one side or the other.  If I’m hanging out with friends and someone even dares to show up with green and red socks in the middle of November, instantly an argument is sparked.

Personally, I feel it should be perfectly acceptable to decorate for the December holidays before Thanksgiving.  This year, for example, Thanksgiving falls on November 28th and then Christmas is December 25th.  27 days to enjoy the Christmas season?  When we could have 55?  Absolutely not.

Obviously, even mentioning Christmas before Halloween is out of the question.  There have been 60, even 70 degree days in October, therefore it’s completely inappropriate to discuss the holidays before November 1st.  However, when November hits, the winter hats and parkas are brought out, signaling the start of the real winter season.  As soon as I have to wear a hat and gloves, I should be allowed to get excited about Christmas.

Sure, Thanksgiving should get its own moment, but I don’t think showing Christmas spirit hinders the importance of Thanksgiving.  If someone wears a NY Rangers shirt during baseball season, do they get yelled at for taking away from the baseball season?  Of course not.  If your friend had a picture of the beach hanging in their room, would you scold them for having it up while it’s snowing outside?  Wouldn’t even think of it.

The same goes for Christmas.  Whatever holiday I want to show spirit for between November 1st and December 25th is perfectly fine.  However, I do think there’s a limit to the level of spirit.  If it’s November 3rd and you have a fully decorated Christmas tree in your living room and stockings hung, slow down.  A few sporadic decorations will do for now.

So, drink your hot chocolate, eat your candy canes, and wear your snowman socks.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving with a mini Christmas tree in your room and end the day off with a Christmas movie.  Just please, please take your tree down before New Year’s.