The Chicago Bears Are the Most Frustrating Team Ever


Emmet, Carroll

Yep. Here we are. If you’re a Bears fan like me, I’m sorry. We’re going through some tough times. Sitting at 3-5 halfway through the season when we had Super Bowl aspirations. And the schedule doesn’t get any easier. Four straight losses, a quarterback that can’t make any adjustments at the line or make reads in the pocket, and a head coach who completely forgot how to be a good play caller. It’s not looking good.

I’m not going to make this article long because there’s not all that much to say. The Chicago Bears have to start winning football games, and that starts this Sunday against Detroit. The Chargers and Eagles games were most certainly must-win, but this game either keeps them alive or completely kills them. Get to 4-5 and we can start being positive again. You do that by getting Trubisky out of the pocket, getting a couple first downs early, running the ball with David Montgomery, and keeping the Detroit defense on the field. The Bears offense repeatedly going three-and-out is killing the Bears defense. Need to get them some rest, and then they’ll perform like the defense we’re used to seeing.

3-5 is a terrible record, but for some reason the delusional sports fan in me always has hope. I’ve convinced myself they’re gonna be 8-6 in a couple weeks. That’s just how I am. It’s gonna happen. I believe. Bear Down.


PS: All Chicago sports teams suck right now and that makes me sad. I stayed up to watch the Blackhawks play the San Jose Sharks the other night. The game started at 10 PM. Through the first two periods, the Blackhawks had eight shots on goal. I should’ve just gone to bed before the game even started. Fire Colliton and Bowman. Free Kane.