ISIS is Using TikTok to Recruit People and Spread Propaganda

TikTok is a social media app where comedy, lip-sync, dancing, and a variety of talent videos are posted. People from all over, use this app to broadcast themselves to the whole world and share the content they created, in less than 60 seconds. TikTok was originally the famous lip-syncing app “Musically”. Creators changed the name hoping to hook in more people from their dying app. Nevertheless, it worked but it was slow at first and now there are more than 1 billion users on the app. TikTok started as a fun content outlet for everyone, but now people like ISIS are using it to their advantage by recruiting people to join their cause. This puts many young kids and adults into a bad situation, which can lead to greater danger.


ISIS has been recruiting people on social media since it first started to pop up in people’s lives. But what makes TikTok different from the rest is that the number of people who download and use it is 3 times more compared to anything else. Videos started to surface of ISIS fighters with guns, corpses, and Islamic songs that had women chanting “Jihad lover”. Jihad is said to be the attempt of Muslim men targeting women to convert to the Islamic religion. People have made videos with these songs/chants and have no idea what the meaning is. Considering that most people who use the app are the younger side of things, the song to them is just a catching tune they like to sing. Under TikTok’s community guidelines and policy, it clearly states that any terrorist or criminal organization is banned from using the app. There have been more than 2,000 accounts banned from TikTok because of their association with ISIS. This may have a bad impact on TikToks downloading rate because parents don’t want to put their kids in danger.  Since the break out of the terrorist accounts, the app is now working on strengthening their security systems and taking more precautions. TikTok currently has many people and computers looking to see if they can detect any suspicious activity, so when they receive an alarming video, they immediately remove it. Is TikTok a safe app for young kids to use or should it be restricted?