Five Remarkable Animals Throughout History

Abby Bozek

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Lonesome George 

Lonesome George probably symbolises what we are doing to our ecosystem the most out of this list. Lonesome George, a Pinta Island Tortoise born in 1910, was the last remaining tortoise of his species as the remainder were driven to extinction. This very special tortoise was known as one of the rarest animals during his last few remaining years, and after one-hundred years of living Lonesome George died as well as the Pinta Island Tortoise as a whole. His death brought up a bigger message though. It is known that over-hunting on the Galapagos brought that species of tortoise to its demise, and with the death of one very precious tortoise individuals hopefully realized that our actions have consequences. We, as a world as a whole, should try and be environmentally conscious as to not cause the demise of yet another species. Sadly, this was the case for Lonesome George and the rest of the Pinta Island Tortoise. 


Mike the Headless Chicken

Mike the Headless Chicken, also known as Miracle Mike, is especially fascinating. Born in April of 1945, Mike lived the life of any other chicken on a farm. When the farmer which owned Mike, Lloyd Olsen, decided to slaughter another chicken he chose Mike. Despite this, when Olsen cut off the head of Miracle Mike it is thought that he missed the jugular vein. Because of this, Miracle Mike never really died. His body still functioned, and went through day to day activities all without a head. Sadly eighteen months later Mike the Headless chicken died, and it is thought to be due to him choking on a kernel of corn. 


Shrek the Sheep 

Shrek the Sheep, a Merino sheep born in 1994 in New Zealand, became internationally famous in 2004 for hiding in caves for six years during shearing season. Typically this breed of sheep gets sheared annually, both to harvest their wool and to make sure it is not overgrown on them. But this one sheep, Shrek, avoided this part of the year by supposedly hiding in caves. His wool obviously became overgrown, and any picture you would see of him surely brings a chuckle. At age sixteen in 2011, Shrek died. 


Unsinkable Sam

The story of Unsinkable Sam, the cat who survived the sinking of three ships in WW2, is truly incredible. Unsinkable Sam began his journey on the German battleship, Bismarck. When this ship attacked a British battleship, things only went down for the soldiers on Bismarck. Out of the roughly 2,000 soldiers on the ship, about 115 escaped. Despite this, a few hours after the attack soldiers on the British battleship found Sam on wreckage and took him in. Not knowing his name, they called him Oscar. For the next few months, he lived his life aboard the British ship Cossack. One day, this ship was attacked by a German torpedo and roughly one-hundred and fifty soldiers died. This remarkable cat Oscar, survived. Soon after, Oscar was taken up the ship HMS Ark Royal. There, with soldiers hearing of the cats journeys, he got the infamous name of Unsinkable Sam. Sadly, this ship was torpedoed by a German submarine but luckily the patrol found and rescued Unsinkable Sam. This was the third ship wreck that Sam survived, which is truly remarkable. Following the sinking of Ark Royal, Sam was kept on the shore but continued to be around soldiers and governors. Unsinkable Sam truly made the most of his nine lives. 


Smoky the Yorkshire Terrier

Smoky is an amazing four pound Yorkshire Terrier who served in WW2. During the war, Smoky served her purpose as a war dog, as well as the first therapy dog. Smoky’s first achievement was to help save the lives of 250 men by reconnecting telephone chords for American communication. A wire needed to be run through a seventy-foot pipe, and since none of the men could do it they turned the task onto Smoky. Because she completed this task, she saved the lives of around 250 men. As well as this, Smoky became one of the first therapy dogs. One day the soldier who adopted Smoky became sick and was brought to the hospital. When Smoky came to visit, the nurses adored her and asked to show her around. The little four pound dog instantly lifted the moods of all the soldiers, emerging as the world’s first therapy dog. Surely, this cute four pound creature made a catastrophic impact.