What Seniors Wish They Knew Before Applying to College



For students approaching junior and senior year, the college admissions process can seem stressful and confusing. There are so many boxes to check, such as taking standardized tests, visiting colleges, requesting recommendations, writing essays, and filling out the Common App. Not to mention, important deadlines come up quickly, leaving many students feeling overwhelmed. If you’re wondering how students manage all of this on top of their normal school work, then you’ve come to the right place. Here is what other Rye High School seniors and I wish we knew before we applied to college.

“I wish I knew that the guidance office makes you turn in your applications two weeks before they’re due. Also, take notes on your visits because they all start to look the same.” –Ella Brady

“Start early. Don’t just leave your applications for September. Try to start over the summer and get them done.” –Jasper Nusbaum & Emmet Carroll

“I wish I knew that applications are really expensive. Even just sending your ACT scores alone is insane.” –Jillian Breen

“I didn’t realize that so many colleges have supplemental essays. I thought that I would be writing one or two supplementals per college, whereas for some of my schools it was three or more.” –Sydney Gager

“I wish I knew that the Common App is difficult to use and not user-friendly at all.” –Grace Macdonald

“I wish I knew to write my college essay over the summer.” –Jordan Basso

“I wish I knew to try harder as an underclassman because it counts!” –Audrey Fung, Catherine Egan, & Paige Drago

“I didn’t realize that you actually have to pay to apply to college.” –Chris Urban

“Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in what schools people are looking at. Look at schools because they would be a good fit for you, not because of what other people are doing.” –Mia McGinty