The Garnet Mine’s Definitive Power Ranking of Halloween Candies


15. Milky Way

A recent study reported that 100% of the time I received a Milky Way it ended up somewhere other than my stomach. 

Although this data is not very thorough and scientific, it serves to describe why the Milky Way is at number 15. Everything about this candy bar is mediocre. The nougat and caramel combination make for an unsatisfying texture which is only covered by lackluster milk chocolate. Even the packaging is uninspired, giving no sense of excitement or novelty when you see it. The packaging sports a green and brown color scheme, which if we were to do a color scheme power ranking, would undoubtedly end up last. 

Nothing about the Milky Way excites me in any way; in fact, I can name several fruits I would pick over it. Halloween is a candy holiday, an excuse to eat low end chocolate and colorful garbage. But the Milky Way is beyond low end, and even beyond garbage. It’s a filler candy, and although it’s fifteenth on the list, it’s first in the trash. -Jake Creus

14. Milk Duds

Here we are, talking about Milk Duds at number 14 on the list. Before I get into how utterly delicious, chewy, and creamy Milk Duds are, I need to call out the rest of my Web Journalism class. Most of you didn’t even want Milk Duds on this list, and for those of you that did, you thought it should’ve been last on the list. LAST??? Despicable. 

As you can tell, I’m a huge fan of Milk Duds, and will defend them against anything. I think they should’ve easily slid into the top five on this list, but I can’t change anything now so I’ll just talk about how good they truly are. 

When I get a box of Milk Duds–large or small–my face lights up. You open it up and the chocolatey goodness smiles right back at you. The first bite of that small dud filled with caramel is sensational, and there’s really nothing better. I don’t know if this applies to everyone, but I get sad after I finish the first one because of how amazing it was. However, I then remember that I have more than 20 left. 

Lastly, the Milk Duds box is the best packaging in candy. The yellow box with brown and red is so simple, yet better than every other packaging. Fellow Milk Dud enthusiast and star soccer player Jake Creus told me that he “personally finds Milk Duds to be a top tier candy.” I could not agree more. -Emmet Carroll

13. Laffy Taffy

Welp, Laffy Taffy ain’t so laughy at the moment. Being ranked thirteenth out of fifteen is nearly disastrous. There are many problems I have with this candy. It is IMPOSSIBLE to successfully unwrap this candy. This candy is such a bonafide scrub that the best part about it is unwrapping it without getting your hands sticky. Banana flavored laffy taffy is absolutely wack and the other flavors are alright. It’s basically a budget Airhead. The ONLY reason this candy is not dead last on this list is because parents want to buy cheap candy, so the frequency of Laffy Taffy is quite high on Halloween. The blue raspberry flavor is pretty good, but, again, isn’t literally every blue raspberry flavor good in any type of candy? The answer is obviously yes, so no bonus points here for you Laffy Taffy. All in all, I used to like Laffy Taffy, but that was because I was little and didn’t know the difference between good and bad candy. -Chris Urban

12. Hershey’s Bar

Hershey’s products are essential to have in your Halloween bag. It’s one of those candies that everyone has to get at least a hand full of. Adults buy these as candy fillers or last minute, when there is no candy left in the stores. Hershey’s bars are really good when you’re in the mood for chocolate or making smores by a campfire. It’s a very milky chocolate that melts in your mouth, leaving an enjoyable taste in the end. Hershey’s may be one of the most basic and average chocolates in the world, yet there is something there that pulls people in to eat all the time. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have a park and museum named after it. Along with that the company wouldn’t have bought brands like Reese’s and KitKat  if they weren’t successful. Hershey’s makes satisfying enough chocolate items, but there is way better options of candy to pick. Hershey’s products could never compare to any type of candy that is above it on the list and more. It is a staple candy in America and possibly the world. -Allyson Hernandez

11. Skittles

I absolutely love skittles and they are essential to have in your Halloween bag. Skittles are small circled chewy-fruity and flavored candies that have different colors depending on their flavors, and contain the letter S on all of them which refers to “skittles”. The skittles product were created by Wm. Wrigley Jr Company and were originally released in Europe in 1974, then in the US in 1979.   The Original Skittles came with 5 different colors such as purple with the grape flavor, yellow with lemon, green with green apple or lime, orange with orange and red with strawberry. Skittles exists in worldwide places, such as Europe, the United States, Ireland, Taiwan, South Korea, China, New Zealand and Australia.  

Skittles also come in a variety of different types such as Tropical, Wild Berry, Chocolate, Mint, Smoothie Mix, Sour and much more.  

Even though they taste good, they can make people feel sick after eating too much of them because of the 30 grams of sugar that they contain which is why they are ranked as number 11. -Madeleine Larzul

10. Butterfinger

As the all-knowing Wikipedia describes them as “a crispy peanut butter core coated in a chocolatey coating,” these delicious candy bars are a Halloween classic. Butterfinger was invented in 1923 by Otto Schnering but was soon bought and sold to a multitude of companies. First, it was sold to Standard Brands Inc. in 1964, but was then handed over to Nabisco in 1981. Nestle then acquired the coveted candy in 1990 and kept it for 28 years. Recently, in January of 2018 the chocolatier of Italy, Ferrara SpA bought a profuse amount of Nestle candies, Butterfinger included. Now for my peers and me, we were fortunate enough to grow up with the Nestle Butterfinger. Every Halloween night, right after an exhausting few hours of grueling trick or treating, I would come home and immediately eat as many Butterfingers as I could tolerate. The texture, the taste, literally everything about this candy was perfect to me as a kid. Having grown up a little and not craving candy that much anymore, I still occasionally go back to a Butterfinger every now and then. However, since their switch to Ferrara, the recipe has been altered. I can’t speak on behalf of the new recipe because I personally have not had a Ferrara Butterfinger, but according to reviews, people aren’t a big fan. Still, Butterfinger will always have a place in my heart as the best Halloween candy. -Jillian Breen

9. Nerds

With two days of vapid debate from the Web Journalism class about rankings of each Halloween candy, Nerds have found their place at number nine out of fifteen. This is not a fair ranking for one of the best Halloween candies you can find in your bag on October 31st. These small pieces of sugar, most often flavoured as strawberry, are truly a treat in your mouth. I, personally, fail to comprehend the arguments against Nerds during our Web Journalism discussion. They are truly both marvelous to eat, and if nothing else, gives one a great asset for trading your Halloween candy at the end of the night. The unfair ranking of number nine truly does not reflect how amazing these tangy pellets of sugar are in your mouth. They really are better than any of our top five candies, as they will never melt like the beloved KitKat. Despite this, as we live in a society where majority rules, Nerds find themselves at number nine. One thing is for certain though: whether you enjoy them or not, everyone is helped by having a box of Nerds in their bag on Halloween. -Abby Bozek

8. Crunch Bar

Although they are not the best of all chocolate candies, Crunch Bars are certainly not the worst. For me, Crunch Bars are a staple on Halloween, and I usually make sure to eat at least one. As squares of milk chocolate with crisped rice inside, they are hard to dislikethough I do wish there was a dark chocolate version. 

The Crunch Bar was invented in 1938 and was produced by the brand Nestlé until 2018. Although many people thought that the candy had been discontinued, it was actually just sold to the Italian company Ferrero. However, Crunch Bars do maintain a strong fan base. Just this summer, my cousins and I were making a trip to CVS when my grandfather asked us to get him a Crunch Bar (they’re his favorite). Crunch Bars probably won’t be the most popular candy this Halloween, but they deserve to be in the mix, which is why they fall at number eight. -Kristin Chapman

7. M&Ms

Arguably one of the most classic and reliable Halloween candies, without a doubt M&M’s had to be present on this list.  It might not be the first candy you reach for out of your candy bag, but there will certainly be an abundance of it. The colorful crunchy shell encasing the milk chocolate filling will have you snacking for hours.  There are also many variations of M&M’s, including peanut, dark chocolate and caramel, which makes the candy even more appealing.  

I think #7 is a perfect spot for M&M’s on this list.  The perhaps more exciting candies such as Reese’s and Sour Patch Kids are definitely worthy of the higher spots, but M&M’s are such a go-to that #7 is surely an appropriate spot for M&M’s. -Ella Brady

6. Starburst

You’re a nine year old with a nut allergy dressed up as Darth Vader for the second consecutive year for Halloween. The last two houses gave out Reese’s pieces and Butterfingers… all you want is something you can rip open and eat while walking between houses. You knock on the door and see the red and yellow wrapping and your mouth begins to water. You feel dangerous, so you take two packages (4 total Starbursts). You rip them open and get a yellow, orange, and two pinks. You start with the pink one. Its tart flavor hits the spot and you feel like a king.

Starbursts are a quality candy. No debate. As a kid with a nut allergy, Halloween was a tough time as almost 50% of the candy is inedible. But, the Starburst rose to the occasion time and time again and became my go to walking candy. 

The debate for putting them lower on this list is the fact that they aren’t a candy that people get truly excited about getting. However, for the 1.2 million adolescents who suffer from nut allergies, Starbursts are a go to candy on Halloween. -Jasper Nusbaum

5. Snickers

Snickers are a chocolate lover’s dream: They provide everything a chocolate candy can, caramel, nuts, and nougat. They really are the ideal candy, providing a flavorful sweet-salty combination that never fails to bring joy. Even though they are practically divine, they fall at number five on our list because they are all too common. On Halloween, Snickers are much more common than any of the four higher-ranking candies, and that lessens some of their appeal. Because Snickers are so dependable, they lose their delicious wonder and fade into the background of Halloween. Furthermore, Snickers are undeniably the candy of intellectuals. The kids who covet Snickers on Halloween clearly have a more advanced palette than those who choose M&Ms or Nerds. I mean, Snickers has a complex, multi-dimensional flavor which contains many elements that can only be rivaled by its four predecessors, while Nerds and M&Ms are little more than colorful, simple, little sugar-pills.  So that is why, for all its virtues, Snickers deservedly lands fifth on our list, rounding out our top five and the holy pantheon of Halloween candies. -Claire Killian

4. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

For a candy (and a delicious one at that), Reese’s don’t have horrible nutrition stats; one Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup has 5g of fat and 8g of sugar. For such a low price–compared to 19 grams of sugar in one serving of more delicious Sour Patch Kids–it’s no surprise Reese’s are a Halloween staple. With the perfect ratio of smooth milk chocolate to creamy peanut butter, you can never go wrong with a Reese’s. 

Personally, I was astounded that Reese’s weren’t number one on our list, but I was shot down because Reese’s cannot be enjoyed by all. Peanut butter is surprisingly controversial–not just due to allergies, but also the surprisingly large amount of people who simply hate good food. Additionally, some find Reese’s too heavy and feel sick after eating them. 

Reese’s has had many slogans over the years: “Two great tastes that taste great together,” “How do you eat a Reese’s?,” “There’s no wrong way to eat a Reese’s.” and the current “Not Sorry.” The numerous catchphrases are a reminder that Reese’s are a historic favorite that has withstood the test of time. 

Reese’s are delightful, with a perfect balance between peanut butter and chocolate. Every bite is perfect, so it’s not a surprise that Reese’s fall in the top tier of candy. -Sydney Gager

3. Sour Patch Kids

Coming in at number three in our ranking are Sour Patch Kids. Sour Patch Kids have been a consistent of Halloween for as long as I can remember. Sour Patch Kids are the type of candy that are small and easy to give out, which makes them appealing to the adults that give out the candy. Sour Patch Kids are very common on Halloween, and as a result you can get many Sour Patch. While Sour Patch Kids aren’t the best Sour Patch―I personally prefer Watermelon―they are still great. They are very easy to eat, and despite the name, they aren’t very sour. Overall, Sour Patch Kids and good and certainly a staple of Halloween. -Charlie Abt

2. Twix

First, I can’t control myself around Twix. It’s one of the few commercial candies that will reliably wreck my sense of good nutrition.

Second, I can’t get over the grammar here. Is Twix both singular and plural? One Twix, a couple of Twixes, a batch of Twices? 

And therein lies the first distinct advantage of Twix: they always come in a pair. There’s an intimate understanding between the Mars candy company and the consumer that you need more than one. I suppose we’re probably meant to share the second with a friend, but a sensible trick-or-treater pawns off that inevitable glut of 3 Musketeers bars instead. 

The rest is pretty self-explanatory: It’s both cookie and candy bar (textural contrast is a highly underrated metric in candy evaluation); it has arguably the best caramel on this list (significantly stiffer than its cousins in Snickers and Milky Way); its origins in the UK ensure its milk chocolate isn’t as harsh as Hershey’s (not-that-hot Hot Take: American chocolate is objectively bad). -Anthony Frabizzio

1. Kit Kat

When you think candy, you think Kit Kat.  Hands down the most popular Halloween candy and most tasty.  People love the Kit Kat because it blends the best qualities of so many elements.  It has a large amount of silky smooth chocolate which covers layers of crunchy wafers.  Kit Kat is able to perform as well as it does because of this impeccable blend of smooth and crunchy.  Kids and older folks both love this candy year after year because of the consistency of its greatness. The Kit Kat bar has stood the test of time and has been around for 84 years and is here to stay.  Whenever you open up your bag of candy from trick-or-treating, the first one you filter for and count is Kit Kats. If you got a bunch of Kit Kats while out on the streets going door to door, it was a good night, no questions asked.  Kit Kat is the winner. If you disagree, come find me. -Connor Popp