Some Must Watch Horror Movies for Halloween

Some Must Watch Horror Movies for Halloween

Abby Bozek

Horror movies are by far the best genre of movies that have emerged. I was once like many in the fact that I despised horror movies, but as my friends forced me to watch a few I began to fall in love with them. The exposition, sudden climax, falling action which is often never expected — they truly are a work of art. And on this list, I’ve culminated some of my favorite horror movies that I have personally approved to make your Halloween night even better. Note, this list was not culminated in any specific order. 


The Conjuring (2013) 

This was one of the first horror movies that I saw. Frightened yet fascinated by the story, I watched in awe as well as screaming along with my friends. This movies details Carolyn and Roger Perron who have recently moved into a secluded farmhouse with their five daughters in the 1970s. Very soon the family experiences supernatural events, as one of their daughters sleep walks in the middle of the night only to bang her head on a dresser repeatedly. As well as this, along the staircase the family photos which they had hung began to fall off the wall. They quickly called Ed and Lorraine Warren (paranormal investigators that were prominent in the 1970s) to help with their crisis. Soon the children see spirits which attack, but they by far isn’t what lingers in your mind. It’s the fact that this is a true story, based on real people in this exact situation. How it ends you may ask? Well you’ll have to figure that one out yourself. 


Hereditary (2018) 

Hereditary is by far one of the best horror movies I’ve ever seen. As well as putting you at the edge of your seat, with friends you will definitely have a few good laughs. This movie details a family that has recently lost their grandmother. Throughout the movie you learn horrifying things about this grandmother. With a family containing two parents, a daughter and a son, this movie contains death, possession, and witch-craft all together. This movie was beautifully crafted as it contains plenty of foreshadowing. Eventually certain family members turn on others, and some even die. Personally, this movie is a must watch at any time of the year for me. 


Us (2019) 

This movie is truly jaw-dropping. Though technically a thriller, it is so spectacular that it was a must for this list. This movie notes what would happen if each of us had another person exactly like this, a tether, underground in one of the many abandoned tunnels spanning across the United States. As well as this, it depicts what would happen if these tethers came to the surface to kill the person they were attached to in order to receive freedom. Words cannot express how beautifully this movie is put together. Everything is connected to another, and every little detail holds a greater meaning. The amount of symbolism in this movie is truly astonishing. How this movie ends you ask? Well you will just have to find that one out yourself. 


Ma (2019) 

Ma is another thriller, but it is a fascinating story which depicts a middle-aged woman who befriends a few teenagers and allows them to drink/party in her basement. Despite this there are a few house rules; nobody may go to any other level of the house. The woman starts to get the nickname, “Ma”, with all of the teenagers. Once the teens start to pull away from Ma, the viewer learns how connected Ma is to them. She wishes to get revenge, not just on the children but on the parents, for what people have done to her, and she will stop at nothing to get it. 


The Shining (1980) 

Though many have seen this great classic from nineteen-eighty, it still deserves to be mentioned. It depicts a man, his wife, and their son looking after a hotel while there is no one else there. With hidden meanings, hallucinations, and a truly mind boggling ending, this movie based off a great work of Steven King gets at the true meaning of what happens when someone is alone. Alone in a place where people have once experienced so much joy. What happens to him? His wife? His son? Watch and find out. 


Scream (1996) 

Just like The Shining, this a classic that many have already seen. Still, it deserves to be mentioned. This movie from nineteen-ninety six depicts a serial killer loose in a town, stalking and killing high-school students. Who the serial killer is? We don’t now. Who will he kill next? We don’t know that either. Our main character seems to be a prime target, or are some of the protagonists actually the killer himself? That is something you will have to find out for yourself. 


Hush (2016) 

This movie is truly interesting, and gets at the fight or flight mode that is prevalent in everyone. In Hush, there is an intruder/serial killer attempting to attack our main character, who is a deaf and mute woman living alone in a rural cabin. At first, this movie gains a few laughs as the killer fails to understand that this woman cannot hear him. Soon though, the reality of life and death is brought to our protagonists attention. Throughout the entirety of this movie, we experience the fight or flight mode of our main character. Will this woman accept death? It seems like the easiest option as the killer ended all the cellular service available to her and killed her neighbors. Or will the woman fight back? Find out for yourself. 


The Blair Witch Project (2016) 

This movie is well known to everyone. There are two different versions, but I will talk about the 2016 version in this article as this is sadly the only one I’ve seen. In this movie, a group of young-adults venture into the woods in order to find one of the characters sisters, who previously went missing in the woods. The legend of the Blair Witch lingers in the woods, and it is thought that if you look directly at her you die. As these characters head into the vast forest, they instantly become lost. They lose track of time. Weeks go by without their knowledge. They separate, get injured, and day-light never comes back. Suddenly they go back to their campsite to see voodoo dolls of each of them made. They all had their own hair on them. Do these voodoo dolls work? Is this the curse of the Blair Witch? Will they find their way out or die? Watch for yourself.