Rye v. Harrison–Rye Won the Game, but What About Spirit?


Sydney Gager, Editor

As everyone knows, the monumental Rye-Harrison was this past Saturday. From actual football play to cheer teams to band, who is the better school?

No question on the football team–we’ve won the Rye-Harrison game for well over a decade. A score of 41 to 13 leaves no question as to the superior team. Point for Rye.

Harrison’s band was marching-band style, complete with feathered hats. In comparison, Rye’s black tees (with red-lettering to say BAND) felt lame. Although I loved Rye’s music, the more causal presentation felt out of place next to Harrison’s traditional band. Point for Harrison. 

As for the cheer team, Harrison’s certainly had more stunts. Our cheerleaders certainly had some amazing routines, but they seemed simplistic compared to Harrison’s signs, banners, and stunts. Additionally, Harrison’s color guard (the people with the flags and batons) was the topic of conversation for many jealous Rye students. Point for Harrison.

Before you come for me, I want to raise the question of why was Harrison more impressive? I think it comes down to what our school emphasizes. The budget and focus of Rye is completely on athletics–nothing remotely artistic, such as cheer and band–it appears that for Harrison, football isn’t the most important thing. Does a winning football team have to come at the price of arts? 

There’s another Rye-Harrison game this Saturday, pay attention to these details and let me know if you agree with me or not.