Fortnite Fanatic Power Rankings

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Fortnite Fanatic Power Rankings

Connor Popp, Senior Editor

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1)  TrickyApollo (Sean Thompson) – Insane Plays in and out of every week and hitting clips like a sweaty streamer – 250 wins

2)  AJT (AJ Thompson) – Current college student, who is able to juggle school work and the college lifestyle as well as greasing scrubs in fort – 200 wins

3)  Creuz69 (Jake Creus) – Spanish native and Rye soccer super star with a consistent 5 eliminations per game – 169 wins

4)  Maxmmc (Max Mccomb) – Locally known as Mad Max pops off every game and can crank 90s likes its nobodies business – 120 wins

5)  Baseballkid12 (Connor Popp) – Has easily the most damage to players per game out of anyone but is NOT a deal closer – 68 wins

6)  (Ata Arslan) – 50 wins

7)  (Arda Arslan) – Maniac in the party chat and with a controller – 41 wins

8)  WhiteVick (Ryan Carroll) – bot to say the least – 27 wins

9)  Kevabbs (Kevin Abbondanza) – “trash player” -Jake Creus – 10 wins

10)  OvechkinRox98 (Sasha Vasyuta) – Holds onto everyone elses “l’s” for them – 1 win