Four Eco-Friendly Alternatives

Four Eco-Friendly Alternatives

Abby Bozek

Most know the harm that our daily carbon emissions and plastic usage have on the environment. Some may say the alternatives to our everyday activities are difficult to find, or too expensive. This may be true in some circumstances, but in actuality eco-friendly alternatives can easily be found at CVS, Target, and Amazon. Here, I’ll provide some easy eco-friendly alternatives that you may not have been aware of, so that you too can help the planet. 


1. Wooden toothbrush 

When you think of plastics that hurt the environment, your mind most likely doesn’t go to your toothbrush. Despite this belief, they have increasingly become part of the problem as according to National Geographic, over one billion plastic toothbrushes are used and trashed each year. How can you help this crisis? A bamboo wooden toothbrush. These can easily be purchased off of Amazon or even at your local CVS. These will cost you about four to five dollars, and are just one easy way that you can help our plastic waste decrease. 


2. Reusable Water Bottle 

One of the most common facts about our plastic waste crisis is that the majority of it comes from our excessive use of plastic water bottles. Everyone has used plenty in their lifetime, and this has caused for our landfill crisis. According to an article by The Guardian, worldwide we are dumping about one million plastic water bottles in landfills each minute. If we do nothing about it, this number could increase 20% by 2021. The alternative? Reusable water bottles. Everyone has heard at least a few times in their life that they should get a reusable water bottle. This should no longer be a suggestion, but a necessary action. This is not saying you need to buy a big and bulky reusable water bottle, but just by getting a stainless steel water bottle you are helping yourself, and the world tremendously. 


3. Shampoo Bar 

Another plastic object many of us have never seen as hazardous before is shampoo and conditioner bottles. They are big, you use them for a week or two, and then throw them away just to get some more. The alternative is one that many may be opposed to, but it would do a world of good. Purchasing a simple shampoo and conditioner bar from Amazon or Lush allows you to help the environment, and get clean. These are a little on the pricey side, but a nice shampoo bar wrapped in biodegradable packing will be a luxurious and environmentally conscious purchase. 


4. Metal Straw 

Metal straws are well known at this point, but mostly as a joke. These metal straws could actually have a huge positive impact as, like other things mentioned on this list, could cut down on our plastic waste. As plastic straws are getting cut out of the equation, paper straws are slowly replacing them. But who likes paper straws? They break down, don’t last long, and overall just don’t work well. The alternative? Metal straws. You can find a pack of metal straws on Amazon for about five-ten dollars. These reusable straws will last you a while, and you will never have to worry about the paper straws or plastic waste that you’re leaving behind. 


Remember: Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle!