Best Places to go out for Lunch

Undoubtedly, one of Rye students’ favorite pastimes is going into town or a little further to grab a bagel, chicken cutlet, bacon egg&cheese and beyond.  Upperclassmen can leave campus for lunch, and with the current horrid situation in the cafeteria, the privilege is certainly being used more than ever.  So, where’s the best place to spend your money?  With the 40-minute lunch period time constraint, both quality and efficiency have been taken into consideration.

  1. Jerry’s- Jerry’s gets the top spot due to its unbeatable convenience and quality.  Text in your order before you leave campus, and your food will be waiting for you when you get there.  All it takes is a very short drive, you could even walk, and a high-quality lunch awaits you.  Their sandwiches do get pricey sometimes, chicken cutlets often pushing $8, but even going once a week as a getaway from the school cafeteria is worth it.
  2. Hand Rolled- If you’re craving a bagel instead of a chicken cutlet, Hand Rolled is your stop.  It’s farther than Jerry’s, but still not far enough to eat up your entire lunch period.  I think it goes without saying that Hand Rolled has the best bagels in the area.  You can watch your bagel being made, and see them transition the bagels straight from the oven to the basket.  They also add to their experience by serving coffee, smoothies, and other baked goods.  It may get crowded in there sometimes, especially around lunchtime, but they also have the option to text in your order, especially if your ordering for a large group.
  3. June & Ho- A convenient spot in town, June & Ho offers a wide range of more elevated sandwiches, as well as other lunch dishes(salads, soups) and a bakery.  It is more on the expensive side, but with the quality of the food you’re getting, in my opinion, it’s worth it.
  4. Sunrise- If you’re ever in the mood for a good slice of pizza and want to escape the old cut up pizza bites served in the cafeteria, Sunrise is the place for you.  Still pretty conveniently located, the service is always great and you won’t break the bank.
  5. SoBol- A new addition to the area, Sobol in Mamaroneck has become extremely popular.  Not only do they serve the acai bowls they are known for, but they also offer a wide range of more traditional lunch foods.  Not to mention the bonus of having Ralph’s right next door.  The drive is quite far from the school, so you might risk being late for your next class to make the trip.  However, if you have two periods free it’s for sure worth it, and they are available on UberEats if you’re not willing to risk it.