The Chicago Bears are BACK


Mitch Trubisky and the Bears are looking to get into a groove this weekend against the Vikings.

Emmet Carroll, Writer

If you’ve been following the first three weeks of the NFL’s 100th season, you’ve probably heard, read, or watched something about how the Chicago Bears offense has taken a step backwards from last year. They had a tough first two weeks, losing 10-3 on opening night against the Packers and barely taking down the Broncos 16-14. However, after Monday night’s performance against the Redskins, I think we can all calm down and realize that this offense is going to get it together. Everyone was writing them off after week one, and even week two, but now–reluctantly–I can officially declare that the Chicago Bears are BACK. I’ll probably end up regretting that, but for now I’m pleased with them and think they’ll continue this success. It was only one game, but there were a lot of promising moments. Let’s get into the three offensive stars of the game. 


3) Allen Robinson

His stats may not show it, but Allen Robinson was a beast on Monday night. Catching six of his seven targets for 60 yards, Robinson continued to thrive in his role as Mitch Trubisky’s number one receiver. He’s so reliable and consistent. The whole complexion of the game could’ve changed if he didn’t catch Trubisky’s poorly thrown ball on the first drive of the game. He gave Trubisky confidence, and Robinson’s performance was a key to the offensive success.

2) Mitch Trubisky

F I N A L L Y. Finally. Trubisky had his first good game of the year, and he broke through against the Redskins. He took advantage of a weak defense and played well. Mitch completed 80 percent of his passes for 231 yards and 3 touchdowns. He did have one pick, an underthrown ball that should’ve been a touchdown. However, let’s focus on the positives. The Bears defense set him up through a couple turnovers(no big deal), and Mitch took advantage of them. He tosses two easy touchdowns to Taylor Gabriel and then hit Gabriel with an absolute bomb. Stepping up in the pocket and moving to his right, Mitch launched a pass and put it in the only place Gabriel could catch it. Hell of a game from Trubisky, and I hope he can continue this success. 

1) Taylor Gabriel

Taylor Gabriel was a beast on Monday night. Six catches for 75 yards and three touchdowns. Say it with me: BEAST. Him and Allen Robinson made life easy for Trubisky, and that’s exactly what you need from your top two receivers if you’re a struggling quarterback. His first two touchdowns were just good route running and play calling, and the third one was special. He barely got his feet in the front corner of the endzone, ultimately bringing in the ball after a slight bobble. Phenomenal catch from Taylor Gabriel in his best game as a Bear. 


*DISCLAIMER* Obviously, the Bears defense was amazing that game. The unit as a whole was the true number one star. Khalil Mack dominated, Danny Trevathan was all over the field, HaHa Clinton-Dix had two picks and a touchdown, and Kyle Fuller got himself a nice interception. Best defense in the NFC North, the NFC, the NFL, the country, the world, and the universe. 


Bears vs Vikings this Sunday at 4:25. Check out my article next week on that one! Also, if you’re still reading, go listen to our podcast “5 Guys in a Dark Room”. New episodes every Tuesday and Friday.