Rye Students Join in Global Climate Strike Protests

A day of peaceful protest and environmental activism.

On Friday, September 20, students across the world left class to demand government action with regards to climate change. Led by 16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, the Global Climate Strike was the largest environmental protest in history, spanning across 150 countries. The strikes were scheduled prior to a United Nations Climate Action Summit to raise awareness about climate action and promote urgency to policymakers.

Among the millions of people who participated, over 200 of them hailed from Rye and the surrounding area. The student strikes were organized by seniors Peggy Helman of Rye Country Day School and Kayla Aburida of Rye High School. On Friday at 12:15p.m., the two student groups met up at Rye City Hall for encouraging speeches and chants.